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Andy Verboom

Websavers provides rapid, consistent, and personal customer service & tech assistance. And they manage to sustain the quality of experience across the multiple experts working on your problem and updating you 24/7. They manage that all in a way that is completely about solving the problem for you while also somehow being gently (non-condescendingly) educational. I cannot express how much encouragement and knowledge I've gained from interactions with Websavers as I've self-educated around design and website management. I'd probably get a Websavers tattoo.

Brent Purves

We had to upgrade our WordPress ecommerce hosting to keep up with business growth. Websavers tech support was extremely helpful during and after hosting migration. I'd recommend Websavers for reliable Canadian business website hosting.

Charlotte Bickford

Just wanted to say that I am happy happy with my hosting and the tech support. It was becoming torturously slow to post to my main WordPress site, and now I click publish and bam - it's there! I thought that migrating my primary WordPress installation to a new host would be an expensive and lengthy process. To add to the fun I changed my domain name at the same time - going to be a disaster, leaving me with no WordPress. Wrongo. In the span of a few hours I was up and running. Am I happy? You bet I am!

John Chiasson

You guys have done a great job. It's amazing how many hosting outfits are in it for the wrong reasons; upselling constantly or worse, reselling your contacts to spammers. If it hadn't been for a few honest people who led me to your door, I'd probably run my own server. However, I'm confident in your work and happy to give you my business. You guys are great!

Laura Mancini

I have to say, I'm a trained and Certified SharePoint Administrator (including Development) on the front and back end so as you can imagine I deal with IT companies a lot for my various freelance clients. The team at WebSavers has exceeded any expectations I've come to expect from the industry and I will proudly be recommending you to any of my clients who outsource their IT in the future.

James Stirling

We had long been struggling with hosting stability and accommodation to support our needs with other providers. In a short discussion and flawless transition we were up and running problem free with the thoughtful support of the Websavers team.

Joe MacHoll

You guys are doing an amazing job, when it come to customer service. Have had only minor issues with your hosting service so far - that's probably the reason why you actually have the time to take care of your clients... 😉

George Mack

I'd first like to say what a pleasant experience I had in moving to Websavers. All my most important questions were answered directly by your website and automated emails. The purchasing and setup processes were fast, easy and seamless. [...] Within a matter of hours I had moved in and started up. (Though I have yet to really exercise the full range of your services) I think I'm going to be recommending you to industry friends real soon.

Angela Kitching

So glad we finally made the switch to a local company and have a new website to show for it! Awesome and professional service and the whole process was a pleasure instead of a chore. We will recommend Websavers to anyone who will listen!

Malcolm Krebs

I've been very pleased with the hosting and especially the great support, and can confidently recommend Websavers, something I couldn't say about other hosting companies I've had experience with. Keep up the great work!

Duncan Forbes

You have no idea how pleased we are with what you've done. I honestly couldn't have asked for any better customer service or results, you've truly far exceeded expectations and I can't thank you enough. The struggle we've gone through trying to get this website up went on for so long, and for you get this done in such a short amount of time... means the absolute world to me and Forbes Bros.

Joelle Dagley

Thanks so much!!!! You all did a great job and it was a pleasure working with you!

Graeme Hughes

Websavers is easily the best hosting company I have ever used. Although I am largely just a hobbiest who tinkers, rather than a serious web developer, I have found Websavers really simple to get set up on and work with, and your support staff have been excellent.

Brian Harrison

Thank you for your, as always, top notch service and attention to details!

Jac McNeil

Super fast! I love it. Thanks!

Patricia West

WOW! What great customer service!!! I didn't expect such fast service ! Very impressive, even my husband who is an IT specialist is impressed!!

Peter Barnaby

Best customer service I’ve ever received from a hosting company. Thanks again!

Isaac Okpoti

Thanks forever. You are my favourite person on earth right now. Really appreciate you. Bless you so much my friend and keep up the great work. You are highly recommended!

Shimon Walt

You provide the best service, thank you. So happy I went with you!

Mike Venables

Absolutely fantastic! Should have done this years ago. Your technical support is second to none. The one-click application setup is tremendous. WordPress installation has never been easier.

John Caron

Thank you @websavers in Halifax for your outstanding customer service today and seamless switch to a new #webhost.


Use @websavers. Their services are great and they’re the nicest people on earth.

Jesse Schelew

Thank you so much! Best hosting and fastest website support ever. What would I do without you!?!

Jordan McIver

I am very impressed with Websavers and their speedy friendly service. I encountered some troubles moving a domain over, and your support staff responded quickly and fixed the issues I had.


If you guys ever want to do web hosting or domains etc. Go with @websavers Their customer service is AWESOME.

Melinda Stanley

Thanks, guys! You’re a fabulous web hosting company! (They really are! Check ‘em out!)

Joni Crocker

Have I mentioned that you guys rock! Thanks for fixing that up so quickly!

Paul Hiebert

Thank you and the Websavers team for taking the time to make sure things are running smoothly for us with our site and domains. You guys have gone the extra mile. Thank you and God bless.


My account was up and running in minutes and the service I get with these guys is fantastic. Any issues I run into are explained and solved quickly.


Websavers provides pretty awesome support. I’m impressed! If I didn’t host my own sites I’d be tempted to move everything to them!

Ryan Buckley

Extremely personalized service and top rate efficiency. Being a web developer I’ve been referring all of my design clients to Websavers.

William Phomsavanh

I am 110% satisfied with the web hosting service, and the level of hosting that I am getting. They should be charging an arm and a leg for what they are offering.

Renee Forbes

We have been a client of Websavers for years now. The staff have been helpful and knowledgeable when we have had technical difficulties with our site. We would recommend Websavers services for your business.