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Posts by Allen Pooley

Adding code to Thesis’ head section causes a 403 error

If you’re adding code to Thesis’ head section and get a 403 error, especially if you’re adding a link to a font or other resource, the problem may be related to the web application firewall protecting your site. To check this out, as with most server-based errors, the first step is to check the log…

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Edit a database user in Plesk

Plesk has a lot of great built-in features for managing your database and those are often covered by guides (like this!) in great detail. User management, however, is often neglected from the limelight despite its importance. First, log in to Plesk. Once you’re in, click “Databases” in the right sidebar and then click on “User Management” in…

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What is “WordPress Optimized” hosting?

A lot of people use WordPress to power their blogs, websites, and web projects of all types which has resulted in many companies that target WordPress to offer dedicated services such as “Optimized” hosting, typically at a considerably higher price tag than standard hosting services. They’ll then provide impressive metrics to back up their claims,…

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Election 2016 – Is it safe to come out yet?

First off, I need to clarify: We’re not a political organization. As individual people we do, of course, have our political leanings, but as a company we don’t take any position or side. We’re inclusive and welcoming of all legally protected speech and content. So, Election 2016 is behind us. It’s been a bit now, and…

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How to add or edit a DNS record in Plesk

Managing DNS definitely sounds like one of the more difficult tasks when it comes to hosting a domain, but don’t worry! It’s actually not all that difficult once you get through the highly technical sounding terminology. I often say that DNS is a bit like an onion: There’s many layers to it, and it’s very likely…

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