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Over the last few years shoutcast hosting has evolved a lot. One of the major benefits radio station owners now have is the AutoDJ feature. It has become an increasingly popular service along side traditional streaming. It has typically added a bit of cost to shoutcast hosting packages, but we include 5 GB of Auto DJ service with every account.

What is Auto DJ and how does it work?

Auto DJ is an automatic DJ feature that allows radio station owners to stream music and tracks even when they do not have a source connected to the server. It works streaming files and data from the server instead of from your work station. You can easily manage your play lists and schedules all within our easy to use shoutcast control panel.

Wake up to a great morning mix by scheduling pre-recorded tracks and mp3 files to start and stop whenever you want them to. Auto DJ is both convenient and easy to use.

Why you should use Auto DJ

Previously, online radio stations would need to go off the air if there was not a device connected to the stream. This was a huge inconvenience for listeners and often lead to people abandoning stations due to dead air.

With Auto DJ you can simply use the preset play lists and have them loop during the hours you would otherwise have dead air, which will increasing your listener loyalty.


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