Top 4 essential tips for a new VPS


We’re going to walk you through the essential steps to getting your new VPS ready for common hosting services. Our top 4 tips for setting up a new VPS: Hosting mail? Look up your IP reptuation! Firewalls… always firewalls DNS stuff: rDNS/PTR and Name Servers Restrict Access via ACLs (Access Control Lists / Firewall) IP…

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How to detect and reduce dynamic processing with WordPress

how to reduce dynamic processing

Regardless of all the WordPress caching and speed optimizations you’ve applied, it’s all for nothing when it comes to the cases where your site still needs to launch dynamic PHP processes to serve some types of page requests. These dynamic processes use far more CPU and memory than do the cached requests and sometimes that…

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How to add or edit a DNS record in Plesk

Managing DNS with Plesk

Managing DNS definitely sounds like a difficult task, but don’t worry! Once you’re able to get through the highly technical sounding terminology, it’s actually pretty straightforward. I often say that DNS is a bit like an onion: There’s many layers to it, and it’s very likely that you’ll cry if you try to get through them…

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Intro to Shell (CLI) for Plesk Linux


There’s a lot of Linux shell intro guides out there. There’s also a lot of intro to Plesk guides out there. But a reference guide to help you find the most common paths and command line utilities for managing your Linux VPS or dedicated server running Plesk is harder to come by. Before we get started, if…

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Green Web Hosting + Greenwashing

Many web hosting providers take every opportunity they can to tout just how ‘green’ their hosting is, despite frequently not having much of an environmental commitment at all. Some companies talk about how they are 100% carbon neutral, followed by how they bought “green credits” to make this happen. Others make outlandish claims stating that…

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The best ways to manage WordPress cron: wp-cron


wp-cron is WordPress’ version of a cron job and a cron job is a task that is run on a schedule, whether just once at a particular date and time or on a recurring basis, like every day at 3pm, or every hour on the 15th minute. Traditional Linux cron jobs run at precisely the…

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Make 2020 the year we all take back the web


In the January 2020 issue of Wired Magazine, I read author Jason Parham’s new entitled By Us, For Us: Why we should think about segregating the web and it’s some concise, powerful stuff. It starts with a brief history of black content online, particularly NetNoir Online, which was, in Jason’s words “Afrocentric culture” on the…

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New Non-Profit Canadian Web Hosting Pricing

Non Profit Pricing Web Hosting Management

At Websavers we love supporting non-profit organizations and community groups in our backyard, within Canada and around the world. In our effort to be a good community partner to the Non Profit organizations we work with, we’ve long offered a 25% discount on our hosting plans for non-profit organizations. We have not extended that discount…

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FormidableForms Javascript / JQuery Extensions & Hacks


I’ve been working on a client’s site which has some specialized form needs, and have been using Formidable Forms to achieve the goals required. Formidable Forms is an incredible piece of software, probably the most advanced Forms tool I’ve used with WordPress, but there’s some additional functionality I needed. Fortunately, Javascript is here to help!…

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Everything you need to create a website

In this article we provide a breakdown of each of the components you need in order to have a custom presence on the Internet, including a website and email services on your own domain. When you register a domain and host it all in the same place, it’s not always obvious that the service being…

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How to speed up WordPress

speed up wordpress

This guide includes 9 tips to show you how to take just about any WordPress site to a maximum 1-2 seconds load time. It receives regular updates and was extended in the first quarter of 2020 to include a couple extra bonus tips. If you’ve selected a hosting partner and resources (theme, plugins, etc) that…

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8 Donations of Chanukah (+ a Sale!)

Over the past 15 years since Websavers began, we’ve done different things for the winter holidays. We’ve sent our clients holiday cards, put up Christmas and/or Boxing Day sales, New Years sales, offered digital holiday lights be added to your website, and a few other fun things like that. This year we decided to put…

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