How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress Website

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If you’ve got a website, you probably want to know how many visitors you have, how they’re getting there, and what they’re doing on your site. Enter Google Analytics. There’s non-Google options out there if you’re in the anti-Google camp, but that’s the subject of a future article. Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool…

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Event Tracking with Google Analytics & WordPress

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If you’re reading this, you should have already set up Google Analytics in your WordPress site. If you haven’t yet, go do that now! I’ll wait here. … Ok, so now that you’ve got that step done, we need to talk about event tracking. Event tracking can be any sort of thing you want to…

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The best ways to manage WordPress cron: wp-cron


wp-cron is WordPress’ version of a cron job and a cron job is a task that is run on a schedule, whether just once at a particular date and time or on a recurring basis, like every day at 3pm, or every hour on the 15th minute. How is wp-cron different from regular cron? Traditional…

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FormidableForms Javascript / JQuery Extensions & Hacks


I’ve been working on a client’s site which has some specialized form needs, and have been using Formidable Forms to achieve the goals required. Formidable Forms is an incredible piece of software, probably the most advanced Forms tool I’ve used with WordPress, but there’s some additional functionality I needed. Fortunately, Javascript is here to help!…

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How to speed up WordPress


This guide includes 9 tips to show you how to take just about any WordPress site to a maximum 1-2 seconds load time. It receives regular updates and was extended in the first quarter of 2020 to include a couple extra bonus tips. If you’ve selected a hosting partner and resources (theme, plugins, etc) that…

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How to Secure or Harden Your WordPress Website


This article was originally written in Feb 2014 and receives regular updates as tactics change. Tip: If your website is currently hacked, this isn’t the guide you want. Check out our guide to cleaning a hacked WordPress site. Then come back here to harden it after the website has been cleaned. How and why do…

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How to use wp-cli with Plesk hosting


If you use WordPress to power your website and have a bit of technical knowledge (particularly of Linux shell), then taking advantage of the command line interface tool, wp-cli, might be of interest to you! WP-CLI is a command line method of working with WordPress. Rather than triggering actions by logging in to the WordPress…

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How to prevent fraudulent transactions with WordPress + WooCommerce


While most of these guidelines will help you with any eCommerce application, there will be specific mentions for WooCommerce related plugins as it has (arguably) become the standard for eCommerce on WordPress. Fraud and Website Security The first thing to understand about managing fraudulent transactions is that they don’t directly have anything to do with…

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How to update a media file in WordPress


If you’ve got documents, like a PDF or Word document on your WordPress website, at some point you may wish to update the document with a new version. If you’re just looking to insert a new file on a page or post, check out this guide instead. However, when you go to upload the new…

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How to keep your development sites from being indexed

This guide will show you how to configure your development site to ensure it is not indexed by Google. If you’re looking to set up a development environment, take a read over our guide here to learn how to do so then come on back here. Why is it important that your development sites not…

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How to change the post author in WordPress

When working with posts in WordPress, a common question is “how do I change the author?!” Single Posts At first glance it doesn’t seem like an option. This is because WordPress hides the post author changing box by default! When editing the post, look for the “Screen Options” tab at the top right corner (you’ll…

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How to create a WordPress submenu without a blank page or duplicate link


Creating a sub-menu, or multi-level menu, in WordPress is actually pretty easy! WordPress has a guide to creating multi-level menus perfectly well explained in their documentation, roughly half-way down the general guide to creating menus. So why do we have a post all about something WordPress has already covered? Well… if you’re creating a sub-menu…

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Adding code to Thesis’ head section causes a 403 error

If you’re adding code to Thesis’ head section and get a 403 error, especially if you’re adding a link to a font or other resource, the problem may be related to the web application firewall protecting your site. To check this out, as with most server-based errors, the first step is to check the log…

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