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How to use WooCommerce to sell videos

The first question you might ask is: can I do this without WooCommerce extensions? You could indeed use a WooCommerce Virtual + Downloadable Product (stock functionality) for this, but it comes with a few drawbacks. It provides the option to specify a URL to the file/video you want people to access upon payment, and you…

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How to edit a WordPress username

wordpress abstract graphic

By default, WordPress does not allow usernames to be updated, however with self-hosted and open source utilities like WordPress, there is always a way to overcome these kinds of limitations. This guide will show you how to edit the WordPress username. You can also edit the settings in this plugin to send a notification whenever…

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5 web design tips for non-designers

Alongside the numerous web design firms, there’s also plenty of web developers out there that love building websites, but who are not officially trained in web design principles. If you’re one of those people, this list of tips for non-designers – those who are not formally trained in either web design or general design principles…

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Is premium DNS worth the cost?

Domain Name System

Premium DNS is another one of those buzzwords like “cloud hosting” that isn’t exactly a clearly defined service across all providers. However across all those that provide a premium DNS services there’s a few qualities that are fairly consistent: Premium DNS is, in many ways, simply another way of saying a third-party cloud-based DNS system.…

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How to convert an Elementor site to BeaverBuilder

how to convert elementor to beaverbuilder

This guide will show you the steps necessary to convert an Elementor site to BeaverBuilder. The same steps can be used to convert from other page builders, like WPBakery, Divi Builder, or Brizy. Simply replace the term Elementor in this guide with whatever your site is currently using for a page builder. Why would you…

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How to change the owner on your account

social network concept

This guide will show you how to change the Owner for your Websavers account. If you’re looking to create a new user for your account see our guide here. Note: you must be the Owner of the account to make this change. If you are unable to login as the Owner User, please see our…

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How to make your WordPress staging site live

This guide will show you how to make the changes on your staging or development environment live. We’ll be referring to a WordPress site in this guide, however the same steps can be followed for any web app in our 1-click utility. If you haven’t already created your staging or development site, you probably want…

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Black Friday 2021 Round Up

black friday white brick wall black balloons

It’s that time of year again; everyone and their dog, and the dog’s favourite e-commerce companies, are trying to get you to spend your hard-earned money on their products. The world of WordPress development is no different, so we’ve decided to do something a bit different this year and collect some of our favourite deals…

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Free domain ID protection – what’s included?


In case you didn’t know, any domain registered with or transferred to Websavers has the option to get free ID Protection — all you must do is check the box during your order. But what is ID protection and how does it compare to the competition? Whenever you register a domain, the details of that…

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How to configure Plesk for WordPress Multisite Networks

There’s lots of great documentation on the web showing how to create your WordPress Multisite network, but there’s also lots of different ways you might want to set up that network, and so this guide is designed to help you configure Plesk to work best with the options you want. This guide assumes that the…

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How to use your browser console to find and resolve problems


The browser console is one component of the Web Inspector tool that is included with most desktop browsers. Developers use the console to debug Javascript errors as well as HTML and CSS code. It’s incredibly handy to help narrow down problems, particularly ones like this: Errors that don’t appear immediately upon page load, but rather…

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Top 4 essential tips for a new VPS


We’re going to walk you through the essential steps to getting your new VPS ready for common hosting services. Our top 4 tips for setting up a new VPS: Hosting mail? Look up your IP reptuation! Firewalls… always firewalls DNS stuff: rDNS/PTR and Name Servers Restrict Access via ACLs (Access Control Lists / Firewall) IP…

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How to detect and reduce dynamic processing with WordPress

how to reduce dynamic processing

Regardless of all the WordPress caching and speed optimizations you’ve applied, it’s all for nothing when it comes to the cases where your site still needs to launch dynamic PHP processes to serve some types of page requests. These dynamic processes use far more CPU and memory than do the cached requests and sometimes that…

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Green Web Hosting + Greenwashing

Many web hosting providers take every opportunity they can to tout just how ‘green’ their hosting is, despite frequently not having much of an environmental commitment at all. Some companies talk about how they are 100% carbon neutral, followed by how they bought “green credits” to make this happen. Others make outlandish claims stating that…

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Make 2020 the year we all take back the web


In the January 2020 issue of Wired Magazine, I read author Jason Parham’s new entitled By Us, For Us: Why we should think about segregating the web and it’s some concise, powerful stuff. It starts with a brief history of black content online, particularly NetNoir Online, which was, in Jason’s words “Afrocentric culture” on the…

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