Tips and Tricks

How to Create a User or Contact

social network concept

There’s a few reasons why you might want to create users or contacts. The following types of users and contacts can be created along with details about how each should be used. Client Centre Users are easier to manage and have far greater reach into your account, while Plesk Users provide more fine-grained controls over specific…

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FormidableForms Javascript / JQuery Extensions & Hacks


I’ve been working on a client’s site which has some specialized form needs, and have been using Formidable Forms to achieve the goals required. Formidable Forms is an incredible piece of software, probably the most advanced Forms tool I’ve used with WordPress, but there’s some additional functionality I needed. Fortunately, Javascript is here to help!…

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How to disable greylisting spam protection in Plesk

This guide will show you how to disable greylisting for your domain in Plesk. Greylisting protects your domain from spam by declining the first connection attempt from the sending server, and then accepting a later connection. This can cause delays in email receipt and in some cases (where sending servers use multiple different servers for…

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How to avoid timeouts when importing a WordPress export XML file

WordPress provides a great mechanism for exporting and importing data simply by using Tools > Export or Import. However when used on large datasets, you’re bound to run into timeout issues, especially when that data includes images since it takes time for the importer to grab those images from their source and download them into…

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How to keep your development sites from being indexed

This guide will show you how to configure your development site to ensure it is not indexed by Google. If you’re looking to set up a development environment, take a read over our guide here to learn how to do so then come on back here. Why is it important that your development sites not…

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How to set your PayPal IPN URL

Looking to get your PayPal API credentials? It’s not the same thing, but it often goes hand in hand with setting the IPN URL when connecting an eCommerce solution. Putler has done a great job with their guide. There’s plenty of guides out there showing how to do this with the old PayPal interface and it seems…

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How to hire a web designer / developer


In the 14+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve worked on a lot of websites and worked with a lot of designers and developers. Sometimes the website has been hacked and needs a cleanup and secure home. Other times the developer disappeared and the client needs help with maintenance. Some are trapped in a proprietary…

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What to do when Thesis (WP Theme) stops generating CSS

This has happened to us a few times, namely every time we migrate a site using Thesis. The problem is that Thesis stores all its CSS (custom, skin, and editor CSS) in the database. It also stores the variables that drive that CSS in the DB. Something about how that data is transferred over when…

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How to create a WordPress submenu without a blank page or duplicate link


Creating a sub-menu, or multi-level menu, in WordPress is actually pretty easy! WordPress has a guide to creating multi-level menus perfectly well explained in their documentation, roughly half-way down the general guide to creating menus. So why do we have a post all about something WordPress has already covered? Well… if you’re creating a sub-menu…

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Overlapping images when using a content grid?

If you’re seeing overlapping images, or odd grid display issues when using a content grid plugin, look for a plugin that enables lazyload of images and disable it on the page. For example, we use WP Rocket on most of our sites, and while it’s a fantastic caching plugin, occasionally you can run into the…

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How to create mail validation records: SPF, DKIM, DMARC

Have you ever had: An email message bounce back with a cryptic response like “5.7.1 Command Rejected”, or had someone email you only to get a similar message? An email bounce with a clear answer about an SPF record or DKIM (or DomainKeys) record failure? Your emails arrive in the destination’s spam folder or not…

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