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FormidableForms Javascript / JQuery Extensions & Hacks


I’ve been working on a client’s site which has some specialized form needs, and have been using Formidable Forms to achieve the goals required. Formidable Forms is an incredible piece of software, probably the most advanced Forms tool I’ve used with WordPress, but there’s some additional functionality I needed. Fortunately, Javascript is here to help!…

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How to Use Beaver Builder for WordPress: a Comprehensive Guide

How to use Beaver Builder

For each page and post within WordPress you get the WordPress Block Editor: a basic page or post layout manager that’s perfect for blog posts, but a bit limited for full-scale web page building. It’s much like working within your favourite word processing application: you can write/insert and format your text, insert images and videos very…

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Why choose WordPress to build your website?

In our more than 15 years of web hosting, we’ve encountered just about every content management system out there, from Mambo to Joomla, WordPress to Drupal, ModX to Magento. We’ve worked with them all! During each project we determine the best tools for the job based on the needs and wants of the client and,…

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10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Your Web Design Consultation

Investing in a new website is an important decision every business owner faces. Whether you’re creating a website or renovating an existing online presence, it’s an admittedly intimidating process to choose a company with whom you’re placing your trust. The best outcome will see the highest possible return on your investment. And what business owner…

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How to keep your development sites from being indexed

This guide will show you how to configure your development site to ensure it is not indexed by Google. If you’re looking to set up a development environment, take a read over our guide here to learn how to do so then come on back here. Why is it important that your development sites not…

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How to set your PayPal IPN URL

Looking to get your PayPal API credentials? It’s not the same thing, but it often goes hand in hand with setting the IPN URL when connecting an eCommerce solution. Putler has done a great job with their guide. There’s plenty of guides out there showing how to do this with the old PayPal interface and it seems…

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What to do when Thesis (WP Theme) stops generating CSS

This has happened to us a few times, namely every time we migrate a site using Thesis. The problem is that Thesis stores all its CSS (custom, skin, and editor CSS) in the database. It also stores the variables that drive that CSS in the DB. Something about how that data is transferred over when…

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Adding a fly-in side menu to the BeaverBuilder theme

A few months ago we were provided a design spec for a client site that required a button which, when clicked, would open a ‘fly-in’ menu appearing from the side — in this case the right side of the screen. This guide will show you how to add such a menu to the BeaverBuilder theme,…

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How to create a WordPress submenu without a blank page or duplicate link


Creating a sub-menu, or multi-level menu, in WordPress is actually pretty easy! WordPress has a guide to creating multi-level menus perfectly well explained in their documentation, roughly half-way down the general guide to creating menus. So why do we have a post all about something WordPress has already covered? Well… if you’re creating a sub-menu…

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Overlapping images when using a content grid?

If you’re seeing overlapping images, or odd grid display issues when using a content grid plugin, look for a plugin that enables lazyload of images and disable it on the page. For example, we use WP Rocket on most of our sites, and while it’s a fantastic caching plugin, occasionally you can run into the…

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How to create links that scroll to page content


Have you ever clicked on a link which took you to a page, but not to the top? Have you ever clicked on a menu item and had it, instead of loading a new page, scroll down the current page? This is done with link Anchors and IDs – they’re a really useful tool in any…

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How to enable and force HTTPS with Plesk

The following steps will guide you through everything necessary to ensure your site works perfectly over HTTPS / SSL / TLS. 1. Install and activate an SSL certificate There’s two options for this: The simplest and cheapest (free!) option for this is using Let’s Encrypt. You may alternatively follow our guide to purchase and install…

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WordPress Plugin: Category Checklist Tree

The Category Checklist Tree plugin may sound pretty boring but in reality it’s an extremely simple and useful plugin! If you’ve ever found yourself perplexed by the behaviour of the Categories lists in WordPress, this is the plugin for you. How might I be annoyed by the WordPress categories list you ask? Well it all has…

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