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How to use webp images with WordPress


By default WordPress does not support webp images. Yet according to Google’s analysis, webp images can help shrink the size of your images by up to 36% thus speeding up every image download. So you probably want to get on that, eh? The trouble is some browsers, like Apple’s Safari browser, do not support webp…

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FormidableForms Javascript / JQuery Extensions & Hacks


I’ve been working on a client’s site which has some specialized form needs, and have been using Formidable Forms to achieve the goals required. Formidable Forms is an incredible piece of software, probably the most advanced Forms tool I’ve used with WordPress, but there’s some additional functionality I needed. Fortunately, Javascript is here to help!…

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How to Use Beaver Builder for WordPress: a Comprehensive Guide

How to use Beaver Builder

For each page and post within WordPress you get the WordPress Block Editor: a basic page or post layout manager that’s perfect for blog posts, but a bit limited for full-scale web page building. It’s much like working within your favourite word processing application: you can write/insert and format your text, insert images and videos very…

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WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com – What’s the difference?


The wordpress.com vs. wordpress.org thing can be a bit confusing. Rather than providing a long and drawn out history of the company, let’s get straight to the facts and most common related questions: What is hosted WordPress? WordPress is the software that powers the website; it’s what the owner of the site uses to make…

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How to update a media file in WordPress


If you’ve got documents, like a PDF or Word document on your WordPress website, at some point you may wish to update the document with a new version. If you’re just looking to insert a new file on a page or post, check out this guide instead. However, when you go to upload the new…

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Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

This article is an update to one we wrote almost seven years ago: Top 9 Must Have WordPress Plugins. In that time a lot has changed in both the WordPress world and in the tools we use to create sites. Since we often make use of both paid and free plugins and yet it’s not…

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How to set your PayPal IPN URL

Looking to get your PayPal API credentials? It’s not the same thing, but it often goes hand in hand with setting the IPN URL when connecting an eCommerce solution. Putler has done a great job with their guide. There’s plenty of guides out there showing how to do this with the old PayPal interface and it seems…

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Websavers is making friends – Partnerships Galore!

We’ve been working on some exciting news for the past couple of months, and we’re finally able to make the announcement. This all comes from the fact that we’re regularly asked what our preferred plugins for WordPress are, what we recommend for speed, security, optimization, and even page building. There’s a ton of options out…

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Adding select2 to WP Forms

Select2 is a great jQuery library that allows for dynamic and live-searchable selection of elements in a long drop down menu. This guide will show you how to easily add support for Select2 to WP Forms. Note that this refers specifically to the WP Forms plugin, and not general forms for WordPress. Begin by adding…

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Overlapping images when using a content grid?

If you’re seeing overlapping images, or odd grid display issues when using a content grid plugin, look for a plugin that enables lazyload of images and disable it on the page. For example, we use WP Rocket on most of our sites, and while it’s a fantastic caching plugin, occasionally you can run into the…

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High MySQL CPU Usage due to select query on wp_icl_string_pages

A few days ago one of our client’s websites was causing high MySQL processor usage. To narrow down the particular site and table causing the problem we ran mysqladmin processlist and it came back with the particular DB causing the high usage and the table: wp_icl_string_pages This is a table that’s part of the WordPress plugin WPML…

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Adding an Events Calendar to WordPress

There’s no question that there are dozens of events calendar plugins for WordPress. I’d guess that we’ve probably installed at least five different calendaring plugins on websites we’ve built over the past few years. Normally once we find a plugin we like, we stick with it and use it on all of our sites. But…

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