How do I change my domain name in Plesk?

Plesk makes it very straightforward to change up your domain name. In some cases we’ve had to change domain names because there was simply a typo in the originally created account, in others it’s because the www. was included during creation when it shouldn’t have been, and finally other times it’s simply because of a change in focus mandated a new company/brand name.

One thing to bear in mind is that changing your domain in Plesk doesn’t change your registration of the name. This means that if the change you’re looking to complete is to alter it to a new name altogether, you’ll need to register the new name and ensure its name servers match those for your hosting plan prior to completing the changes as described below.

These steps are for Plesk 12.5 and newer:

  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Find your domain name in the list and click the “Hosting Settings” link underneath
  3. At the very top, to the right of “Domain Name” you can change your domain here.

Using a web app like WordPress?

Changing the domain to a completely new domain will probably cause problems within the web app. It will need to have its configuration files and/or config in the database updated to reflect the new domain name.

Here’s how to do that with WordPress. You can probably find similar solutions for other content management systems with a quick Google search. If not, do a global search for all instances of the old URL in the database and replace it with the new URL.

Note: Many WordPress installations will also need their ‘upload_path’ variable changed. You can find this in the wp_options table. If this isn’t done, the log files will quickly become enormous. If you’ve changed your primary domain, and have additional domains, you will need to change the upload path for all WordPress instances in their respective databases.

Using Installatron / 1-click web apps?

If you’re using Installatron (which we call 1-click web apps) to manage your web app (ex: WordPress), you’ll need to inform Installatron of the domain change as well. Here’s how:

  1. Within Plesk, click 1-click web apps (or Installatron)
  2. Click the wrench icon beside the web app installed to the domain you changed. You might then see a warning about exactly this issue — that Installatron can’t find your web app
  3. Choose the Files & Tables tab
  4. Look for the editable field that has your domain name in it and change it to the new domain.
  5. Press the button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

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