How to view or change the mailbox quota in Plesk

To check on the status of your mailbox and adjust its quota follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Plesk
  2. Choose the Mail tab on the left. Here you will see your mail capacity and current size.
  3. Click on the email account if you wish to adjust the quota
  4. Under “Mailbox” you may specify a size. You cannot increase it beyond the maximum for your hosting plan.

See the bottom of this page for a video walkthrough.

Shared Hosting Plan Hard Limits

Please note that the maximum possible quota / storage limit per mail account on shared hosting is as follows as of Jan 2018:

  • Carbon Hosting: 2GB
  • Titanium Hosting: 5GB

These are hard limits per account in order to ensure our hosting plans are able to function on high-performance solid state drives (SSDs). This means excellent website speed, but it also means we have to take our storage limitations very seriously, as SSDs are more limited in capacity than traditional hard drives.

Upgrade Options

There are many options available to help resolve a full mailbox:

  1. Delete messages using your mail app or webmail. Specifically finding and removing messages with large attachments, like videos, photos, and other attachments like PDFs will help the most.
  2. Archive older messages to your computer, then remove them from the server. This guide will help you learn how.
  3. Upgrade your hosting plan: if you’re currently on our Helium or Carbon hosting plans, upgrading to Titanium will allow you a larger maximum per-mailbox limit as described above.
  4. Move to Premium Mail to gain access to up to 80GB of storage for all mailboxes for your domain (you pay for storage, not number of mailboxes). Learn more here.
  5. Move to Microsoft Exchange Mail to get 30GB per mailbox for a per-mailbox rate. Ask us about Exchange hosting.

Plesk Quota Settings Video Walkthrough

If you prefer to watch, the video below will walks you through managing the mailbox quota in Plesk 10+ (this may differ from your version of Plesk). Whether you need to increase or decrease your quota, this video will show you how.

The following video will walk you through changing your mailbox quota in Plesk 9. If you’re running into mailbox limits or would like to keep your mailboxes limited lower than the default, check out the video below.

If you have any questions about the above video, or anything dealing with mailbox quotas with Plesk, open a support ticket with us.

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