How to pay your invoice with an Interac e-Transfer


Originally called an Email Money Transfer, Interac e-Transfers allow for instant transfer of funds between Canadian banks for $1-$1.50 per transaction. Websavers Inc began accepting e-Transfers in 2005 and has been doing so ever since!

There are two cases where we recommend paying by credit card or PayPal instead:

  1. With regularly recurring products (such as anything paid monthly or quarterly) because e-Transfers must be manually completed and cannot automatically renew
  2. In the event you need your service to be created or renewed immediately, as it is a manual process for which we normally require 24 hours to complete.

In all other cases, we love receiving e-Transfers! Please complete these steps:

  1. Head to our Client Centre, login, scroll down, click on your due invoice and make note of the invoice number.
  2. Visit your bank’s website and login to your online banking as normal. Look for an option that could be named Interac e-Transfer, Transfer, Email Money Transfer
  3. When you have found it, fill out their form to send your e-Transfer to us. You may need to ‘add a payee’ or something similar to add us to your list of recipients.
  4. Send your e-Transfer to
  5. Security Question: Make this “My Invoice Number”
  6. Security Answer: Enter your invoice number
  7. All other fields can be entered however you see fit. You will receive confirmation on-screen that your transfer has been sent.

For more specific instructions showing you how to send an e-Transfer, choose your bank from the list below.

Unfortunately the transfers are not instant in that they are not immediately deposited into a Websavers account. You must now wait until we receive your bank’s notification email that your transfer has been sent to us. At this point we will click the unique link in the email that the Interac service sent us that will allow us to login to our bank account and deposit the funds.

We will then apply payment to your invoice and your services will either be configured anew or renewed accordingly.

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