If you have your own older Exchange server that you wish to continue using for mailbox storage, but prefer to have our servers manage the incoming messages, you can make use of the third party Exchange Extension: Mapilab Navive Pop3 Connector.

You will be unable to use the built in POP3 functionality in Exchange 2000-2003 because it does not support TLS 1.2, a necessary security suite for modern email security. The Mapilab Extension is paid software. You may alternatively pay to upgrade your Exchange server (quite a bit more costly).

Here’s how:

  1. Purchase and Download the Native Pop3 Connector here.
  2. In Exchange server, choose Advanced Management>Exchange>first administrative group>Connectors
  3. Now select “New”, then choose “Native POP3 Connector”. Once this is done, mailboxes can be created as per these screen shots within the new connector container. You’ll find the correct hostname, port, and authentication type combinations to use for POP3 here. Port 995 with SSL enabled has been reported to work great with this software.
  4. Be sure to restart the “Native POP3 Connector” Windows service now and every time there is change in the mailboxes.

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