This guide will show you how to create or add an email alias in Plesk. These steps should work well for Plesk 10+ and has been tested with Plesk 17 Onyx. The first step is choosing whether you require a forward or an alias.

There are two methods of forwarding email:

  1. By adding an alias to an existing email address
  2. By adding a new mail account and setting it up to forward to another.

If you’re forwarding to an external email address (one that is not on the same domain (example:, then you’ll need to create a new email address, then configure it to forward to the final destination. Click here to learn how to create a mail forward in Plesk.

On the other hand, if you’d simply like to have multiple addresses go to the same place, then an alias is what you want!

Alias Example 1:

  • You have
  • You want to also have messages addressed to go to the same account

Solution: add as an alias for

Alias Example 2:

  • You have the mail account that forwards to
  • You want to also have to forward to the same Gmail account.

Solution: add as an alias for — there’s no need to have both of them separately forwarding emails to your external email account.

How to create a mail alias in Plesk

  1. Log in to Plesk. If you have a Websavers account, follow this guide to log in to Plesk, then come on back to complete the remaining steps here. If you don’t have a Websavers account, you’ll need to find your own way in to Plesk!
  2. Once in Plesk choose the Mail tab
  3. To set up a mail alias, click on your mail account in the list (there should already be one here) to get started.
  4. Choose the Email Aliases tab
  5. Either enter in your alias or click on Add email alias then enter it in if you need additional entries.
  6. Choose OK

Now whenever someone emails your alias, the messages will automatically flow through to the master email account to which the alias was applied.

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