How to create an email forward in Plesk

This guide is for Plesk 10, 11 and should also work with Plesk 12. The steps are likely to be difference for Plesk 9 and earlier.

Forward or Alias?

There are two methods of fowarding email in Plesk, the first is by creating an alias and the second is by creating a whole new mail account and setting it up to forward to another. If you’re forwarding to an email address that is not on the same domain (e.g.: messages for to be sent to, then you’ll need to create a new email address, then set up the forward. If it’s simply a new name like or with the objective of sending those messages to, then an alias is what you want!

Note that most of the time an alias is what you want. If you already have an address like that forwards to (as an example), then you can simply alias to — there’s no need to have both of them separately forwarding emails to your external email account.

Plesk Mail Settings

  1. Log in to Plesk. If you have a Websavers account, follow this guide to log in to Plesk, then come on back to complete the remaining steps here. If you don’t have a Websavers account, you’ll need to find your own way in to Plesk!
  2. Once in Plesk choose the Mail tab

Setting up an alias

  1. To set up a mail alias, click on your mail account in the list (there should already be one here) to get started.
  2. Choose the Email Aliases tab
  3. Either enter in your alias or click on Add email alias then enter it in if you need additional entries.
  4. Choose OK

Now whenever someone emails your alias, the messages will automatically flow through to the master email account to which the alias was applied.

Setting up a forward

  1. To create an email forward, you’ll need to start by choosing “Create email address”
  2. Enter in the email address you’ll be creating
  3. Uncheck “Access to Control Panel and Uncheck “Mailbox” (since it will be forwarding messages, they don’t also need to be collected on the server)
  4. Click the “Forwarding” tab and check the box beside “Switch on mail forwarding”
  5. Enter the email address(es) you wish to forward these messsages to
  6. Click the OK Button

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