Building your own DIY Canadian biz online

This post is for all of those starting a business with the intent to do everything, or nearly everything, yourself (legal, bookkeeping, etc.) to keep costs down. Accounting There’s a few steps to this, including finding an accountant that will do your year-end books using an online bookkeeping system and ensuring your know the right steps…

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How to hire a web designer / developer

We see a lot of websites pass through our systems, and often even just questions about sites we never end up hosting. Sometimes they’ve been hacked and need a cleanup and secure home. Other times the developer disappeared and the client needs help with maintenance. Some are trapped in a proprietary ecosystem, making other services, like…

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What is unlimited hosting really all about?

Although we started with our very first hosting plan having unlimited resources, just like our current Titanium shared hosting plan, for many years we were opponents of unlimited hosting. Around 2010 we started advertising our own unlimited bandwidth hosting plan. We did this to ensure our hosting plans would fall into line with our very…

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