How do I add a domain to Plesk?

When you first order your hosting plan, your primary domain is automatically set up in Plesk, however if you’ve registered additional domains, you will need to add these domains manually in Plesk so as to set up their hosting environment.

You could add the domain as a standalone domain, or set it up as an alias such that it forwards to other domains.

After you have added the domain in Plesk, double check to ensure your domain registration points to your hosting with us, otherwise the steps you follow below will not actually make any noticeable change.

Add as separate domain

Log in to Plesk then choose the “Add Domain” button.

If you don’t see such a button, you likely have our Helium or Carbon plan and require an upgrade to Titanium to host multiple websites under the same plan.

Once added, you can upload your website content using the Plesk File Manager, install WordPress (or other software) to get your website ready to go, or learn how to transfer your website. You will also want to add your mail accounts to Plesk, as you’d like them configured.

Add as a domain alias (forward)

Click here to learn how to add the domain in Plesk as an alias to forward it to another domain you host. This will alias Web, DNS, and Email if you wish and options are presented to turn each type of forwarding/aliasing on or off.

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