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This guide will show you how to change the Owner for your Websavers account. If you’re looking to create a new user for your account see our guide here.

Note: you must be the Owner of the account to make this change. If you are unable to login as the Owner User, please see our guide to recovering access to your Account.

When you first created your Websavers account, this is what occurred:

  1. Your Websavers Account is created which houses hosting plans, domain registrations, invoices, quotes, and more.
  2. A User is created that is the Owner of the Websavers Account with full permissions. This user holds your email address, password, name, and security settings like the security question answer.

Both the Websavers Account and the User are created with the same name and email address, however since they are separate units, the User’s name and email address can be edited independently from the Account. Similarly the Owner of the account can be changed to another User altogether. In this way the Owner is simply a label for one specific User.

There are three ways to change the Owner on the Account:

  1. Change the Owner to another User that already exists on the account or which you will create
  2. Replace your User data with the new Owner’s data
  3. Transition all or selected services to a totally new Account

Changing the Owner to another User

If you wish for the owner to become another user already on the Account (showing under More > User Management), please open a ticket while logged in as the current Owner of the account and specify the new user that is to become the Owner.

This is the best option in these cases:

  • You wish to maintain access to the Account, but no longer be the Owner
  • You wish to provide the new Owner with full access to all historical data on the Account
  • The new Owner already has a User on the Account
  • You do not have any other User with access to the Account

Replacing your User with the new Owner’s info

If you are the Owner of the Account, and you no longer require access, you can simply replace your User data with that of the new Owner, however the order in which you do this is important. Please follow these steps:

  1. Login as the Owner of the Account
  2. Choose More > Security Settings from the Client Centre menu
  3. If enabled, disable Two-Factor Authentication
  4. If it prompts you for an existing security question answer, change the Security Question (we recommend not using a personal question/answer). Save the new answer.
  5. Choose the Change Password option and enter and save the new answer.
  6. Choose User Settings or Profile and update the name and email address.
  7. Log out and log in again with the new email address and password to confirm it works. If all is well, provide the new security question answer and password to the new Owner. Recommend that they change the password and/or security question upon first login.

This is the best option in these cases:

  • You no longer require access to the Account
  • You wish to provide the new Owner with full access to all historical data on the Account

Transition services to a new Account

The above options will allow the new Owner access to everything within the Account, including prior invoices, quotes, projects, support tickets, and more. If you wish to move services from this Account to a totally new/blank Account which does not have access to any of this historical data, please complete these steps:

  1. Instruct the new Owner to create a Websavers Account here
  2. Login as the current Owner of the Account and create a ticket indicating you would like to transfer ownership to another Account
  3. Include in the ticket an exhaustive list of hosting plans, domain registrations, and any other services that you would like moved the new Account
  4. Include in the ticket the email address of the new Account
  5. We will complete the Account transfers for you.

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