How do I configure my domain name to point to my Websavers hosting account?



  • If you have registered a new domain name alongside a hosting plan, the domain will be automatically configured to point to your hosting!
  • If you have registered a new domain separate from your hosting plan and did not already select which hosting plan to point it to, you can use the directions under section below to update your domain.
  • If you have transferred your domain to Websavers from another registrar, you will need to login to the Client Centre and point the domain to your hosting plan. See section A below.
  • If you have registered your domain name elsewhere, you will need to login to your registrar’s control panel and update your domain name to point to our servers. See section B below.


Before you configure your domain to point to your hosting with Websavers, make sure you’ve set it up within Plesk. For example you could:

  1. Add the domain as a standard hosting domain. Log in to Plesk then choose the “Add Domain” button. If you don’t see such a button, you likely have our Helium or Carbon plan and require an upgrade to Titanium to host multiple websites under the same plan.
  2. Add the domain in Plesk as an alias to forward it to another domain you host

Once added, you can upload your website content using the Plesk File Manager, install WordPress (or other software) to get your website ready to go, or learn how to transfer your website. You will also want to add your mail accounts to Plesk, as you’d like them configured,prior to making the domain live with us.

A) Domain Registered with or Transferred to Websavers

When a domain transfer completes, the name servers are left exactly as they were prior to the transfer to ensure there isn’t any sudden unexpected changes that might cause your site to appear offline. This means that you’ll need to manually “flip the switch” to point the domain registration to your hosting plan. Follow the steps below to do so.

Similarly if you’ve registered a domain with us in a separate order from your hosting plan, and you did not login to your account to select the hosting plan to point that domain to during the order, use the following steps to point the domain to your hosting plan.

  1. Login to the Client Centre
  2. Choose “Registered Domains” from the main menu
  3. Select the domain which has completed transferring
  4. Look under the “Name Servers” section and choose “Use Websavers Name Servers” then use the option directly below that selection to select the hosting account under which you will be hosting the domain.
  5. Click the button to save your settings

Since these are DNS changes, they’ll take anywhere from a few minutes to at most 48 hours to complete globally.

B) Domain Registered Elsewhere

1. (ADVANCED) Keep the DNS records hosted wherever they are now (usually the registrar or hosting company). You will need to adjust the individual DNS records using the registrar’s panel. Obtain the IP address being used to host the domain from within Plesk. If you will be hosting the website with us, the record you wish to adjust typically has four different identifiers: root, @, *, or simply a blank field for the subdomain. That’s the record you’ll need to update to point the web hosting services to the account with us by entering the correct IP address.

Click here to learn the optimal Plesk configuration when using external DNS.

2. (SIMPLE) Update the name server configuration at the registrar. This moves the DNS hosting service from the registrar to Websavers.

If you go with option 2 and you wish to maintain any customized records (such as MX records for mail delivery), you can do this by going to the DNS configuration where it is hosted now (probably the registrar) and duplicate everything as closely as possible to the “DNS Settings” option under your account in Plesk. Read more here to learn how to add or adjust DNS records in Plesk.

We strongly recommend #2 because it’s simpler to understand Plesk’s DNS records than most other DNS hosting control panels. It’s also much easier to manage down the road if you ever wish to set up a subdomain or adjust DNS records; it’s all done in Plesk automatically.

The exact steps to complete option #2 are different for each registrar, but here is the general process:

  1. Visit your registrar’s website, find the account login option and login to your account
  2. Find your domain in the list of domains and click on it to configure it
  3. Look for an option to change or update the Name Servers for this domain name. (Note that registering a name server is not the same thing. You will likely not need to register a name server).
  4. Once you’ve found the fields to update the name servers for the domain, enter the servers as shown for your hosting plan in our Client Centre. (Login and click “Manage” beside your hosting plan)
The new name servers may take effect immediately, but the change could also take as long as 48 hours to update everywhere in the world. Please be patient!
For newly registered domains where you aren’t transferring an existing website, you will know the update has propagated to your computer when you see the Websavers branded “Your website is ready for content” page.


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