Learn How To Use WordPress With These Tutorials

Well you now have a functional website online, now we need to work towards getting it to look and feel the way we want it to. Before we do that though, we need to learn about the functionality of WordPress. How to publish posts, pages, change titles, etc. This section of the guide will bring you through a series of tutorials and how-to videos on WordPress. It has a wealth of information and you will learn a lot – which will help your website be even better. If you have any questions as you go through any of these videos please let me know – I’m happy to help.

An Introduction To WordPress

How To Login & A Tour Of WordPress

How To Add Or Change Your Website Title

Understanding The WordPress Editor

Introduction To The Editor & Adding Content

How To Add Links In Your Content

How To Add Images To Your Content

How To Add Videos To Your Content

All About Publishing Blog Posts

Publishing Your First Real Post

Understanding & Using Tags And Categories

How To Manage Pages For Your Website

Adding Pages To Your Site

Differences Between Posts & Pages

Although pages and posts look quite similar when adding the content into WordPress there is a difference and it’s important that you understand them. Posts are part of your blog, they are tied to a date and time for when they were published and they also have an associated category and tag (or multiple categories and tags).

Pages are meant for more static content — the stuff that isn’t changed or appended to all that often. Examples could be your About page, Contact page, Privacy page, an Advertise With Me page, or even a Services or Sales page once you start making some money with your website. Don’t sweat it if you made a post into a page by mistake – everything can be fixed! A simple copy and paste of all content from a post to a page or vice versa will do the trick. Or you can use a handy converter plugin like this one.

How To Setup Your Navigation Or Menu Bar

Extending Functionality With Important Plugins

What Are Plugins & How To Install Them

How To Create A Contact Form

Installing The Important SEO Plugin

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