Choosing And Setting Up A Theme For Your Blog

Finding a good theme for your blog shouldn’t be time consuming or complicated. I’ll take you through some different options including both free and paid themes and how you can get your site looking great and up and running very quickly. Follow along and we’ll get your website setup properly.

How To Find & Install Free Themes

Where To Find Good Premium Themes

Installing A Premium Theme

Important Words Of Wisdom For Theming

I remember the first time I installed a theme for my first blog. I literally spent well over 10 hours previewing and testing themes until I decided which one to use. By the time the process was over I was so burned out and didn’t even want to look at another theme again. I get it – you want it to be perfect right away. But there are some important things you need to keep in mind when deciding on a theme for your blog:

Content is more important than design. All themes are going to look a little “off” without any content. There will be nothing to fill the sections that are meant to be filled and ultimately the site won’t look complete until you have the content to support the design. I usually recommend that people choose a simple theme to start with and concentrate on building out their content.

You can always change the design later. If you remember the video I created on changing themes without changing content, you’ll remember that you can always install a new theme at any time without disrupting any of your existing blog posts. If you can’t decide on the perfect theme today, don’t sweat it, you can always revisit themes once you have a better feel for your blog.

Just pick one! Stop wasting time. Your time is much better spent creating great content and engaging with your community than it is trying to decide what theme to choose. If you want an opinion or help setting something up please send me an email or ask for help.

How To Get An Amazing Premium Theme For Free

For anyone that has used this guide to setup their own blog, and who chooses to host with us, we are offering a premium theme from WooThemes absolutely free. All you need to do is send us an email with the domain name and email address on your account and I’ll install the theme of your choice absolutely free. This is a $100 value – you’re welcome!

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