Customizing and Extending WordPress

There are some pretty simple customizations you can do to your website that will add a lot of value both to you as a publisher and to your readers and audience. Some of these videos we already covered in different sections of the guide, but I thought it was important to repeat some of them.

Note that with any modern theme you can find all of its customization options under Appearance > Customizer thanks to the design unification efforts of the WordPress developers. Be sure to take a peek through those menu options within the Customizer before you proceed with any of the options below.

User photos or avatars are not quite as you'd imagine. With most social media profiles you simply choose to edit your profile, then upload your pic and you're done.

WordPress does make this a bit more complicated, but I swear it's for a good reason that will make your life easier later on down the road.

WordPress uses a system called Gravatar to set your user photo, which you can read all about on their website here. The gist of it is simple: set your image using your Gravatar account once and any WordPress (or other Gravatar enabled site) you log in to with the same email address will automatically use your image.

Therefore to set your photo for your WordPress site, create a Gravatar account that uses the same email address as you've used for your WordPress user account.

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If you haven't set up your website yet, I would strongly urge you to go back and do that now. It's really hard to design your new site when you don't even have it setup yet. If you have your website setup already, we can move on to the next section of the guide.