Preinstall WordPress during your order?

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How to Install WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular software for creating websites. It is user friendly, has a ton of functionality, is endlessly extensible (meaning you can install plugins to add just about anything you can imagine to your site), and best of all it's open source and completely free.

Watch the video or read on to learn how to get WordPress installed on your blog in only a few short minutes and a few simple clicks.

1-Click Install of WordPress

  1. Log in to your Websavers account
  2. Choose Settings beside your hosting plan
  3. Scroll down to the "Installed Web Applications" section and choose "Create New Site"
  4. Wait for the list of apps to load, then select WordPress
  5. If it's not selected by default, choose the domain you wish to install to
  6. Provide a name and tagline and make note of the username and password
  7. Click Install.