Don't have WordPress yet?

If you haven't yet set up hosting and installed WordPress, you'll need to go back and do that now before proceeding with the rest of this guide.

Introduction to WordPress

Congrats! You now have a functional website online!

Now you probably want to customize the design a bit. Before we do that, you'll need to learn about the structure and core functionality of WordPress: how to publish posts, pages, change titles, set up your navigation, and more.

While some of this is intuitive, you may find you need to pay close attention to our guides for other parts. This is because certain elements of WordPress are designed to be extremely powerful which occasionally puts it at odds with simplicity. Don't worry though, we'll take you through all the tricky bits!

This section of the guide will bring you through a series of tutorials and how-to videos on learning the fundamentals of WordPress. It has a wealth of information and you will learn a lot that will help your website start off on the right foot.

You can skip over parts you're not interested in, but remember to check back here in the future when you have questions, prior to asking us, as you might just find the answers here!

If you have any questions as you go through any of these videos please let us know - we're happy to help!

An Introduction To WordPress

Now that you've got your hosting set up and WordPress installed, here's two ways to log in:

Without a Password

  1. Log in to our Client Centre
  2. Under the list of active services, choose "Settings" beside your hosting plan and then wait for the panels to load.
  3. Look for the "Web Applications" panel and choose "Manage" beside your WordPress install, then click "Login" to be automatically logged in to WordPress.

If you wish to login directly to WordPress with the steps below, you can now go to Users in the WordPress admin and either reset your existing admin password or create a new Admin user.

With a Password

If you know your username and password, you can also log in directly by typing this in your browser's address bar (and replacing [your_domain] with your actual domain): https://[your_domain]/wp-admin

The WordPress Content Editor

Content Types: Pages vs. Posts

Are we missing an intro guide to a core part of WordPress? Please let us know that you'd like it added here!

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