Get Free Stuff By Reviewing Products

Although this strategy doesn't necessarily make you money, you will be able to use it to get a variety of free products. I have received a number of free fitness-related products from a variety of brands looking to have their products reviewed and promoted. It really doesn't take much. All you need is to have been blogging for a few months and have even a little readership and you can start review products and getting a lot of free stuff.

How To Find Products To Review

The best way to find things to review is just to visit the website of the top brands in your industry. Are you blogging about parenting? Check out the manufacturers of cribs, strollers, diapers, etc. A good friend of mine actually has a parenting blog so I know it's possible. They even got a free stay and entry to Disney World for reviewing the trip and documenting it all on their blog.

Email is usually the best medium to use for contacting companies about this. Send an email to their marketing or public relations contact if they have one. When possible, include some statistics about your blog - How many readers? How many months or years have you been blogging? The more information you can provide the better.

Tips For Reviewing Products

1. Disclosure. If you are writing a review post on your blog you need to make sure that you disclose you received the product for free in return for an honest review.

2. Be honest. Like I mentioned - an honest review. Just because a brand sent you a product to try out and write about it on your blog doesn't mean you need to always give them a glowing review. If there was something wrong with it that you noticed, make sure you write about as well.

2. Make sure it fits with your audience. There's no point in reviewing cribs if you're blogging about personal finance. It doesn't really fit with your audience. This is why so many bloggers keep their blogs as general and personal as possible - that way they can always write about specific topics of interest to them or what they are up to.

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