You have complete access to the individual DNS records for every domain you host with us within Plesk, and the name server configuration for every domain you have registered with us. We do not supply support for anything related to Wix. This includes the DNS changes they want you to make to point to their services. You must contact Wix support for help with any of their services, including help with pointing your domain to them. It’s only fair after all; if we were helping you point your domain to our hosting services, we would provide that support for you.

If you wish to make use of our top-notch support, we suggest using WordPress with BeaverBuilder rather than Wix to build your website. If you would prefer to drop all Websavers support, read on to learn how to configure your domain to point to Wix.

As with most hosting providers, there are two ways of pointing your domain to Wix: allowing Wix to handle all DNS for your domain by changing your name servers, and keeping your DNS hosted with us and changing your A record to point to Wix. We recommend the latter.

If these steps are too complicated for you, ask Wix to make the changes for you. As your new hosting provider, they should provide this level of service; if they refuse to even provide a paid service to do it for you, then you should seriously reconsider your use of Wix.

Simple: Point Root DNS ‘A’ Record to Wix

To start, find out the correct IP address to point your domain to using this Wix article. Then use this article to learn how to edit your DNS settings in Plesk. In that article, look specifically for the A record section and take a quick read through it. Tips:

  1. Make sure you select the DNS Settings button under the correct domain in Plesk
  2. Ensure you are editing the correct A record. You have many by default and the correct one will have no subdomain. For example if your domain is then it is not the A record for that you need to edit, but rather the A record for:
  3. Despite what the Wix article says, the www. subdomain will continue to work without editing it in Plesk.

With this option we cannot provide support for anything related to Wix nor your Wix DNS configuration, however we will continue to support any mail services that remain with us.

Advanced: Use Wix Name Servers

This option is not recommended as it means you will lose all configured mail service DNS records along with any custom DNS records you might require. By making this change you will not have any hosting services with Websavers and therefore we will not be able to provide support for any of your services.

However if you wish to proceed with this option, this Wix article will describe how. If you have your domain name registered with us, log in to the Client Centre, choose Registered Domains and then select the domain you need to update. There you will be presented with the option to use external name servers where you can enter the records provided by Wix.

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