If you’ve got documents, like a PDF or Word document on your WordPress website, at some point you may wish to replace the document with an updated copy. While there are some cases where you may wish to preserve the old copy of the document, most people rarely need to do so.

If you’re just looking to insert a new file on a page or post, check out this guide instead.

In attempting to do this, you’ll find that WordPress doesn’t make this easy. When you go to upload the new document, you end up creating a whole new document in the media library, leaving the old one in place. And even then you still need to find all links pointing to the old document and update them with the new link! This is simply not feasible in all cases, nor should it be required.

Enter: the “Enable Media Replace” plugin.

Install the WordPress plugin, then head to “Media” in WordPress and search for your existing document in the library. Once found, click on it, and on the right side look for the “Replace” button and click that.

You will now be presented with the option to upload your replacement document. Once you’ve uploaded your document, you’ll find that the old document has been removed, and the new one put in its place with the same filename as before. This means all of your links to the old document will now automatically link to the new one.


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