How to reset your Client Centre password

This guide will show you how to reset your Websavers account password for our Client Centre. It will also show you how to regain access to an account that you are unable to login to.

To reset your password, head to our ‘Forgot your Password‘ page to get the process started. You will need to enter the email address you used when you created your account with us to begin the reset process. You will also need to correctly answer the security question you set up upon creation of your account.

Good question! You will need to have the primary email address on your account changed to one that you can access. To do this we must validate your identity prior to making changes to your account. Simply emailing us from a different (unassociated) email account will not be sufficient. See the Identity Validation section below to learn how to proceed.

Why do we require this? Because it’s surprisingly easy to forge the ‘from’ email address when sending an email: any hacker wannabe can easily forge an email address, pretending to be you!

We know this is unlikely and we know you’re you, but we also owe our customers a duty of care to ensure that we’re only making changes to an account or giving out account info to the true owner or authorized user on an account.

Please create a ticket and supply us with your best guess for what you think the answer to the security question is.

Please see the Identity Validation section below to learn how to proceed.

How to prove your identity (Identity Validation)

If you have any Client Centre users set up with full permissions to manage your primary account, they can login and make the changes for you, or if you have our Platinum management, they can request that we take care of the changes. (Note: this will not work for security question answer resets)

For all other cases, please submit the correct answers to the following account validation questions in a ticket. If you have an existing ticket open on this topic, you can provide the answers there, if not you can create a ticket here (be sure to create the ticket using an email account that you have access to).

Account Validation Questions:

  1. What email address is currently associated with your Websavers account? *This is a required answer.
  2. If you require the email address be changed, what email address would you like the primary account changed to?
  3. What is the complete billing address and telephone number we have on file for you?
  4. What year and month did you create your account with us?
  5. Have you ever upgraded your hosting plan, and if so from which plan to which plan?
  6. Who referred you to our hosting?
  7. Proof of your association to the organization. This should be registry of joint stocks or recent business registration documents that include your name on the documents.

In order to prove your identity, we require answers to:

  • Question 1 (everyone must answer this)
  • Either Question 7 OR at least 3 additional questions.

Note that we may ask additional questions to further prove your identity and so the more of the above questions you answer correctly within the first message, the more likely we are to avoid the need for further identification questions.

Once your identity has been confirmed, we will change the primary email account on file accordingly (if requested/required), remove the security question and send out a password reset email so you can set up your new password.

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