How to use Plesk’s “Mail Importing” feature to migrate email

As of Plesk Onyx, the Extension called “Site Import” also includes the ability to migrate emails from external mail servers to an email account in Plesk. If, when looking at your list of websites & domains in Plesk, you do not see the button for “Mail Importing”, you will need to install the free Site Import extension. If you’ve got your own VPS with us, you can do this by going to Extensions > Catalogue and searching for and installing the extension. If you’re on shared hosting with us, open a ticket and let us know that you’d like the extension enabled on your server and we’ll get it installed.

Once you can see the “Mail Importing” option, select it and:

  1. Choose the “Import Mail Messages” button
  2. Provide the email address that you’d like to copy messages from and the mail password from your old host
  3. Enter the email address you’d like the messages copied to (probably the same) and the password you entered or generated when creating the account in Plesk with us.
  4. Press OK and the migration will begin

Repeat this for any and all email accounts you would like to import/migrate.

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