How to view your statistics in CentovaCast

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So, you’re looking for statistics eh? No problem! Here’s how to find them:

  1. Log in to CentovaCast
    1. Head to and log in to our Client Centre
    2. Choose “Manage” beside your hosting plan
    3. Click the Open Control Panel button to automatically log in to CentovaCast
  2. On the left side, there’s a “Statistics” section
  3. Click on “Report” to view aggregated time-based statistics or click on “Listeners” to see who’s listening in right now
  4. When you click on Report, you will then get the option to choose the time-frame (across the very top), and directly below that there are tabs for filtering by different types of data like Listeners, User Agents, Countries, by Track, etc.

Have fun!centova-stats

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