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Use the fields below to provide us with information about you and your business that will help us get your new site up and running. Feel free to skip over questions you don’t have answers for, but remember that the more content we have, the more complete your site is going to look!

We recommend organizing this content in a word processor on your computer, then copy and paste it in here.

Your Info

Enter the email address under which you've created your Websavers account. The email to use for a contact form on the site will be collected later.
If you don't yet have a domain for your website, you can check for available options here.

Global & Introductory Elements

This is the most common content to appear on an introductory homepage, as well as in the consistent header and footer of the site.
Typically a few words that describe what you do
This is typically max 2 sentences (often just one) that describes exactly what you do and occasionally why you're a better option than your competition.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Preferred format is a PNG file with a transparent background, otherwise we'll be forced to use the same header colour as your logo's background colour.

About & Contact

Tell us all about you and your business. Include biographical info, history of the business, employees, etc. If you need to send over more images, attach the most important ones here and we'll get the rest later on in the process.
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This is used to place an interactive map on your site to show people where you're located. If you'd prefer we provide an area, just enter the area, such as "Downtown Halifax"
This is the address you'd like us to configure your contact form to send to.

Provide your Social Media URLs so we can add links to your social profiles on your website

Blog / News Section (Optional)

Including a blog or news section to your site is important for helping to drive traffic to your website, updating your visitors with news from you or your company and helping to fill out content on your site (particularly your homepage). Blogs help companies appear less corporate and more friendly to their visitors and clients. Best of all, a blog section is included for free with your new website! Depending upon the objective of your website, these could be personal life updates (e.g.: I'm going on vacation!), company news (e.g.: We've moved our offices...), new products (e.g.: Check out our new branded T-Shirts!), a rant (e.g.: What's with all the crosswalk accidents lately?), or product reviews (e.g.: My review of the new iPhone).
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Featured Testimonials (Optional)

These help your visitors trust that your work is reputable and reliable. Just like blog posts, these short reviews help fill out content on your home page. You may wish to send additional testimonials later in the process, but we suggest focusing on your best three to start with. Including a photo of the person that left the testimonials adds even more value by showing visitors there's a real person behind their words. It also makes the site look more dynamic and modern.
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Products & Services (Optional)

If you'll be displaying or selling products / services on your website, please list those products and services here. We recommend providing at least 3 to get us started. Depending on your design package, we will then either provide you with a quote to have us take care of the rest, or provide you with instructions to add more products/services (or both). For each product, please include:
  • Title
  • 1-3 Sentence Sales Description
  • Price
  • Sale price (optional)
  • Long Description (optional)
  • Categories it belongs to
You will be provided with the opportunity to upload more images later. The photo to upload here is the 'key' image that best represents the product.
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Design Preferences

The answers to these questions help us determine how best we can design each aspect of your website.
A one-shot design is included free with all of our website creations! If you require a more involved and traditional design process, where mock-ups are created and you select from a few options, this is typically an additional $499 - $1999 depending on the size of the site. Mock-ups will also extend the time necessary to create the site, typically by 30-60 days.
Include here the URLs to one or more websites that you would like for us to use as inspiration for your new site. If you wish, you can indicate the specific elements that you like from each.
If there is more media that you would like to use on the website, provide a link here to a shared folder on the cloud storage drive of your choice (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc). Be sure to organize these files into folders that are named the same as the page or section on which you would like them to be placed on the new site.
By default we'll use the colours found in your logo throughout your website so as to ensure your branding comes across naturally on the new website. If there are additional colours that are not found in your logo, or if you do not have a logo, please include your preferred colours here. You can use a tool like Adobe Color (at to help select analogous or complimentary colours. Note: if you only have shades of gray in your logo, it's strongly recommended to pick a single bright accent colour that you like.

Anything We Missed?

If there's something you'd love to have on your website that we haven't asked for, your can include it here or in the follow up ticket/message threads that submitting this form will create.
Please include any additional content you'd like to include here.