We help freelancers and agencies grow.

Hundreds of designers and developers use Websavers to ensure their clients remain happy with their website for years to come. We do that through excellent hosting services and support and performance focused WordPress development.

Lean on us to help as you grow: we won't disappoint.

Website Hosting Partnering

When it comes to hosting partnering, you can host your own clients as a Websavers reseller or let us take care of them for you through affiliate referrals.

White label with a Reseller plan or VPS

With a reseller hosting plan, you create customers and subscriptions for each client. Each subscription is completely isolated, and you can set whatever limits and permissions you wish on their subscriptions.

They'll have their own control panel logins they can use and you can also spin them off into their own hosting account with us very easily if you should ever wish to do so.

If your client requires support for their site or hosting, they go to you. Add Hands-On Support and you can vet and pass those requests on to us.

With VPS hosting you gain additional advanced features within the Plesk panel as well as  root access to your server. You also get full access to increase or lower your VPS resources whenever necessary, along with complete isolation exclusively for your hosting services, keeping them separate from other websites on the server, unlike reseller hosting.

Let us handle it: affiliate referrals

Create a Websavers account, activate it for affiliate sales and use your unique link to sign up new customers for hosting. This will earn you a recurring 15% of their hosting payments. Affiliate referrals is a popular way for designers to build a bit of passive income along with their portfolio of sites, without having to maintain tech support for their clients.

If your customer has any support issues with their hosting, they can open a ticket with us directly, absolving you of all support duties.

No matter which plan your clients sign up for, they can grant you access to their hosting environment using our custom linked accounts tool. No need to save dozens or hundreds of passwords!

We recommend ensuring your clients choose the Managed Troubleshooting or Hands-On Support Level to ensure we're standing by to provide our top-notch website assistance.

Still not sure which type of hosting is best for you? Take a read over our comprehensive guide to choosing the right hosting plan. We describe the benefits of each plan in detail and how they apply to website owners as compared to designers and developers.

Not a customer yet? Take a few days to learn how our Client Centre and hosting platform works, get comfortable with Plesk, benchmark our server performance and generally get a feel for things. Either sign up for our free web hosting plan or take advantage of our 30 day money back safety net and try Carbon or Titanium out.

What to Expect

  • Best in class hosting

    Highly configurable and WordPress optimized Canadian hosting environments for your development needs

  • Growth without the panic

    Ability to scale and grow nearly infinitely without the need to change providers

  • Peace of Mind

    The comfort of knowing your clients are in good hands

  • Ask us anything web!

    Regular advice and recommendations on how to do anything with your website including SEO tips, apps to help cut costs, and techniques to generate revenue.

  • Make some dough

Service Commission
WordPress Dev$50 - $150
Shared Hosting15% (Recurs)
Virtual Servers15% (Recurs)
SEOup to $250

WordPress Development

Do you design and sell websites? Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you could take on more work; if only there were more hours in the day, or you had a bigger team? Well, we can't extend time, nor have we perfected cloning yet, but we can certainly help you with the workload.

Websavers is proud to partner with design houses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to large firms. You can rely on Websavers as a trusted partner to bring your visions to life for your clients. Provide us full design briefs, or just rough ideas and descriptions, and our expert team will produce high-quality, high-performance websites built upon a rock-solid WordPress-based software stack.

We'll focus on building sites the right way, so you can focus on building your business. It's just another way we make web services easy.

Tap Our SEO Expertise

Every year Search Engine Optimization creeps further from the purview of web marketers and closer to web designers. Yet staying on top of the latest techniques can be extremely time consuming, especially when you've already got a lot on the go!

Lean on us to help. We know the intricacies of Google inside and out and provide that experience free of charge through our web marketing guides. And for those that don't want to or simply can't do it all themselves, we can do the research for you and create strong action plans for both on-site and off-site SEO for your clients.

Need something more than just recommendations? We've got you covered. Our SEO Team can help boost website authority with their high quality backlinking system. Don't waste time and money building hundreds of low-quality links that don't actually help or tank rankings after the next big algorithm change: do it right from the start and ask us about our SEO plans.

Common Questions

While you can technically use the Titanium Plan in this manner, there are some hefty drawbacks to doing this. With the Titanium plan, each domain you add goes in one shared hosting space (Plesk calls them subscriptions or webspaces). Since the website files for all domains are located in the singular user folder, you can't set limits on your clients' storage and it also can potentially leave all other sites vulnerable to spreading infections if any one of the websites is hacked.

Because your customer's domains are not structurally separated from each other, if you ever wanted to separate that customer into their own hosting plan, it's nearly as tricky to do so as it is to move them from another web host (and thus is subject to our SiteMigrator service fee). Lastly, you can't give clients their own dedicated control panel access, without giving up access to your other clients' domains.

Titanium is truly intended to host a single customers' data who has multiple domains; not multiple clients.