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No matter the plan or service, referring your customers will earn you a share of revenue!

Tap Our SEO Expertise

Search Engine Optimization and all areas of search marketing are a must-offer service in the world of digital, marketing, and design agencies. Staying on top of the latest information and methods however can be extremely time consuming - especially when you're constantly busy maintaining existing accounts.

If you offer SEO to your clients (or wish to add it as a service), you can lean on us to help!

We have almost a decade of experience in the SEO business, meaning we know the intricacies of Google inside and out. We use that knowledge to provide you with relevant data on search terms so you can create strong action plans for both on-site and off-site SEO. Best of all we provide this info completely free for our clients.

Need something more than just recommendations? We've got you covered. Our closely guarded in-house built and incredibly powerful content network is available exclusively to our hosting clients. It can dramatically boost website authority in a safe, high-quality, and extremely effective manner. Don't waste time and money building hundreds of low-quality links that can't be repaired after the next big algorithm change: do it right from the start and ask us about our content network.

WordPress Development

Do you operate or work for a design firm? Have a design, but not sure how to build it in WordPress? We can help!

We help design agencies keep the focus on design by leaving the development to us. We'll analyze your beautiful design specs with a fine-tooth comb, then turn them into high performance, high quality WordPress template code.

Don't force your clients into a singular provider hosted who-knows-where that can't be optimized for SEO, takes a cut of your client's eCommerce sales, and if the provider declares bankruptcy, your design can't be moved elsewhere without a complete rebuild.

Our custom WordPress development matched with our powerful page editing tools make for an easy to use, fully portable and fully owned, client-facing editing interface. It's WordPress like you've never seen it before.

Even better, with all development quotes, we throw in 30 minutes of managed monthly changes (content or code) and 1 year of website hosting and domain registration completely FREE. Your clients get your unique design, the ability to easily update the site themselves (or rely on us to do it) and 100% Canadian local-source talent.

Why use us for WordPress development when you can have the same thing built for less overseas?

Thanks to our powerful rapid development model, in many instances our prices actually come pretty close to overseas quotes.

Most importantly, our custom code, theme code, and plugin selection goes through an in-depth vetting process. We examine the long-term viability of the code we use to build your sites on three levels:

  1. Update-sustainability
  2. Security compliance
  3. Performance requirements

This quality assurance (QA) model ensures that core, plugin, and theme updates have as minimal an impact on the speed, security, and functionality of your site as possible. This has the added benefit of resulting in high ranking websites when paired with just a touch of SEO.

As a first-class web hosting provider for more than a decade, we've worked with sites created by many development agencies, both local and overseas. Our attention to quality code is unmatched in the industry. We'd encourage you to ask any potential competitors what their QA process is like for the custom code, plugins, and themes they use to build your site. We're confident it won't compare.

High Performance Web Hosting

We offer three different methods of partnering for hosting: Titanium, Reseller or VPS, and Affiliate Referral. Here's a description of each:

Shared Hosting: Titanium

With the Titanium plan, everything goes in one 'bucket' - your hosting plan. It's the lowest cost option, but it doesn't allow you to easily set limits on your clients' storage, and it also can potentially leave your other sites vulnerable if one of their websites is hacked.

If you ever wanted to separate that customer into their own hosting plan, it's nearly as tricky to do so as it is to move them from another web host. Lastly, you can't give clients their own dedicated control panel access, without giving up access to your other clients' domains.

Titanium is truly intended to host a single customers' data who has multiple domains; not multiple clients.

If your client has any support issues, they get support from you.

Reseller or VPS Hosting

With a reseller hosting plan, you create customers and subscriptions for each client. Each subscription is completely isolated, and you can set whatever limits and permissions you wish on their subscriptions.

They'll have their own control panel logins they can use and you can also spin them off into their own hosting account with us very easily if you should ever wish to do so.

If your client has any support issues, they will have to come to you.

All of the above is true for VPS hosting, however with a VPS you gain additional advanced features within the Plesk panel as well as unlimited root access to your server. You also get full access to your VPS resources rather than the potential to be impacted by other websites on your server, as with shared and reseller hosting.

Affiliate Referrals

With an affiliate account activated, you'll sign the customers up with us directly - using your affiliate link. This will earn you a recurring 15% of their hosting payments to us. We pay out thousands in affiliate fees, and we love it! It's a popular way for designers to build a bit of passive income along with their portfolio of sites, without having to maintain tech support for their clients.

If they have any support issues with their hosting, they can open a ticket with us directly.

And even better, if you'd also rather not take care of their website content and CMS (like WordPress) management, simply ensure they sign up for our Platinum add-on and they'll have top-notch hands-on support for everything web.

 Want to try us out? Sign up for our free web hosting plan! That way you can take some time to learn how our Client Centre and hosting platform works, get comfortable with Plesk, benchmark our server performance and generally get a feel for things. You could also simply sign up for the plan you want to use... with our 30 day money back guarantee, if we don't work out for you, you get a refund.

Linked Accounts - with our awesome account linking tool, no matter which plan your clients sign up for, they can grant you access to their hosting environment so you don't have to keep track of dozens of different login credentials!

What to Expect

  • Best in class hosting

    Highly configurable and WordPress optimized Canadian hosting environments for your development needs

  • Growth without the panic

    Ability to scale and grow nearly infinitely without the need to change providers

  • SEO at its best

    Canadian SEO services that generate visible ranking improvements in organic search placement

  • Ask us anything web!

    Regular advice and recommendations on how to generate revenue from our partnership. 

  • Peace of Mind

    The comfort of knowing your clients are in good hands

  • Make some dough

    Great commission for every service you sell

Affiliate Commissions

ServiceReferral Commission
WordPress Integrations $50 - $100
Shared Hosting15% Recurring!
Virtual Servers15% Recurring!
Search Engine Optimization $50 - $250

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Common Questions

Can referral money only be used towards websavers services?

By default we apply the funds as a credit on your account which will automatically be applied to any future invoices. You will then be required to only pay any remaining balance on your own invoice to renew the service in question. You may alternatively opt to receive the balance via PayPal or Interac e-Transfer (Canadian banks only).

Do the funds become immediately accessible as soon as my referral orders their hosting account?

There is a 30-day hold placed on affiliate payout to ensure the referral does not cancel and refund their service within our 30-day money back guarantee period. Upon the 31st day, you will able to login to the Client Centre and request withdrawal of the funds into your account. We will process the withdrawal via the method of your choice within 24 hours.

What happens if my friend or client doesn’t use my referral link? How do I get commission?

Simply have your friends send us a support request indicating that you should receive credit for the sign-up and we’ll be happy to mark you as the referrer.