Canadian Premium Email Hosting

Fully synced, Canadian soil, business-class email, contacts, and calendar hosting. Pay for what you use, not by the mailbox.


38c - 60c per GB
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Aliases
  • Beautiful Webmail Interface
  • Synced Mail, Contacts & Calendars


$4 - $6 per GB
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Aliases
  • Beautiful Webmail Interface
  • Synced Mail, Contacts & Calendars


Look like big-business by using your own domain for all your email accounts. No more unprofessional free email provider accounts!

Spam & Virus Shield

While our shared hosting plans include only basic spam protection, our premium accounts come with enterprise-class spam and virus protections.

Private Discussions

Free email providers sacrifice your privacy by providing targeted ads based on the discussions within your emails. Around here your emails are your business. Not ours.

How is it so cheap?!

We get this question a lot. This is how we can offer such a cheap premium mail hosting solution:

  1. Our premium mail solution uses a Microsoft ActiveSync compatible mail server solution, but not Microsoft Exchange itself. Because we don't have to pay hefty Exchange licensing fees, our costs are considerably lower than standard Microsoft Exchange hosting providers. This does come with its limitations though. Our servers are not compatible with the older MAPI protocol (not to be confused with IMAP -- we're fully IMAP compatible), so you must use Outlook 2013 (Win) or newer.
  2. Much like our web and server hosting plans, we provide advice only and no hands-on support for our premium mail solution. If you require help setting up you mail clients or with learning how to use our control panel or webmail system, you can expect extra fees for these services.
  3. Only disaster-recovery backups are included: there will be a charge to restore messages from our backup systems. We encourage our clients to archive messages off-server on a bi-annual basis so as to ensure you've got an offline copy, and to take advantage of storage cost savings.

Because of these limitations, those purchasing our premium mail solution are often mail or general IT administrators that are already well versed in setting up mail systems. While you won't need to know any command line server admin (everything is managed via GUI), you will need to be knowledgeable on the topic of troubleshooting email issues for your organization and other clients.

Why Premium?

If you've already got email addresses, why go premium? The advantages to premium email hosting include complete email, contact, and calendar synchronization across all of your devices (not just email) as well as company-wide address books and calendars to remain in sync with your co-workers.

Shared vs. Premium Mail


  • Storage
  • Email Sync
  • Calendar Sync
  • Contacts Sync
  • Team Calendars
  • Team Address Books
  • Spam Protection
  • Full Antivirus Scanning

Shared Hosting

  • Max Plan Storage

Premium Mail

  • Up to 80GB

How does it look?

Pretty damned stunning, if you ask us! But take a look for yourself below.

MailMigrator Service

Are you moving from another provider? Don’t worry about the technical details, let us transfer your email for you! Our team of web experts will be ready to take on your transfer whenever you’re ready to get started.

Want to switch, but don't want the hassle of moving your email? We can do that.

  • Fast

    We've done hundreds of mail migrations from various platforms. We get most migrations of 5 or less mailboxes completed within 24 hours from order.

  • Secure

    We do need your IMAP login credentials for each mail account, but don't worry, the secure form you'll enter them on is covered by our end-to-end encryption.

  • DNS Changes

    We'll take care of changing your MX and SPF and myriad of other necessary records, ensuring things are adjusted at just the right times to minimize (or eliminate) any disruption to your email systems. If you're transferring your domain to us with your order we'll handle that for you, too. 

  • Guaranteed

    Moving hosts can be scary; there's a lot of things to check and double-check to ensure your website is still working optimally. We'll do your migration and we'll get it right; guaranteed.

Ready to move your email? Let's get started.

Ready to switch to a faster, friendlier, and more service-focused hosting company? Order SiteMigrator with your hosting package today; it's just $19.99 per email account and payments for 1 year of hosting include 1 free transfer!

Sold yet?

Whether it's our complete contact and calendar device sync, stunning webmail interface, world-class support, blazing-fast Canadian servers, or overall great prices, it's hard not to find a reason to give us a try today.