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Got your WordPress website running on Websavers' high-performance Canadian web hosting, but want to get more from it? Check out our partners' products to see how they can help take your WordPress website to the next level.

What do we recommend for your site?

We've been creating and using WordPress sites for years and have come across more plugins, themes, and related tools than we can keep track of. There are some, though, that have stood out as champions for us. The website-related tools listed here are ones we actually use ourselves, and are marked by a combination of excellent functionality, a solid UI, and quality support.

Disclaimer: yes, some of these are affiliate links -- feel free to not click on them -- but they are only listed here because we use them regularly and love them.


Don't let your website get bogged down with over-sized images. Imagify is our recommended image optimizer; we use it on every site we build or optimize. It's functional, it's beautiful, and it works like a charm.


We've tried every major WordPress caching plugin out there and finally found WP Rocket. We haven't looked back since. With simple set-up and a ton of available options, it works great with every plugin and theme we've encountered. Combined with our nginx/php-fpm processing, it makes for blazing speeds. Already a Websavers client? Contact us for an exclusive discount on WP Rocket!


People have asked us for years what WordPress security plugin we recommend... it's been a hard question to ask, because we've always been battling with limited functionality or brutal user interfaces. Not anymore - SecuPress is a great solution for those who want top-notch functionality and a beautiful UI. Already a Websavers client? Reach out to us for an exclusive discount on SecuPress' Pro add-on!


In a world full of page building plugins for WordPress, it's been hard to find one that we could really bank on for ease of use and the ability to build complex and beautiful websites. Well, no longer; Beaver Builder is our only choice for WordPress page builder tools.


Have a hard time remembering all your passwords? Currently recording them in a notebook insecurely? Never again! Save all your passwords to LastPass and access them with one super-strong password. Now you only need to remember ONE password!


Need a way to send thousands of messages out in a newsletter or bulletin to your clients or friends? Shared hosting isn't quite enough as there are imposed outgoing limits, and while you could set up a VPS to do this, we suggest trying out MailChimp! It's a dedicated mailing list service with features designed exactly for this purpose.


Love our 1-click web apps that helps you manage your WordPress installs and keep on top of updates, but need more? We recommend MainWP! Rather than a subscription service, you pay one-time to gain access to complete WordPress management including standardization of settings and plugins.


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