How to reset or change your FTP or SFTP username or password using Plesk

To reset your FTP or SFTP login details, you will login to Plesk. Here’s how!

  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Select the “Websites & Domains” tab
  3. Choose either “Web Hosting Access” (for your primary system user account — this one works with both SFTP and FTPS) or the “FTP Access” button (for purely FTP accounts)
  4. If provided with a list of FTP accounts, click the name of the FTP account for which you wish to change the password. If not, skip this step.
  5. Provide a new password and click OK to save it

You should now be able to successfully connect via SFTP or FTPS. If you’re still having trouble, check our FTP configuration details article to ensure the remaining settings are correct.

Jordan is a computer, security, and network systems expert and a lover of all things web and tech. Jordan consults with project management for software companies. Jordan is a founder and managing partner at Websavers Inc.