SEO Packages: what to look out for

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Out of the box SEO Packages are almost non-existant anymore because every site has its own unique link profile, rankings, and configuration. When it comes to on-site SEO it’s nearly impossible to know in advance precisely which factors have already been applied and which still need to be accounted for.

That said, off-site SEO and particularly the use of Private Blog Networks (PBNs) is a completely different story. It *is* possible to offer a dedicated “x number of backlinks” solution on a PBN for a set rate. For more details, ask us!

I still get asked “what are your monthly package options?” or “how much is your monthly package?” and I thought I’d try to clarify why I cringe every time I get asked that.

  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution to every problem, so guarantees with set packages are typically something to watch out for.
  • Depending on the price, understand that it will likely be automated or outsourced. This can be beneficial, but most of othe time it means a lack of attention to detail surrounding the nuances of your particular website’s rankings and where you want to take it.
  • Pay a bit extra for a weekly/monthly consult.

This last one is most important. We do our best to clarify the key differences between our PBN access rates, wich are set packages, from your average SEO offer which isn’t nearly as cut-and-dry. And one of those major differences comes in the form of reporting and consultation.

An SEO firm simply cannot offer reporting and consultation that supplies you with an analysis of the actual data surrounding your website’s rankings, visitors, and conversions that you need to make solid organisational decisions for a cheap price. This is why none of our advertised packages include this premium level of support.

To get a customized solution for:

  1. Simple and cheap PBN access with a set number of backlinks, or
  2. A more costly hands-on SEO monthly consult

Get in touch! We can provide you with the customized solution you need to improve your rankings today.

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  1. Greg Ichshenko on January 19, 2023 at 7:25 am

    There are so many things that one needs to look out for when it comes to an SEO package. And this explains it all well too.

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