Setting up your email on Android 4.1+

androidThis guide was created using a Nexus 7 with stock Android 4.1. We will be setting up your mail account using the built in Mail app.

Things you will need:

  • A working Internet connection on your device
  • An email account created in Plesk. If you can login to webmail at, then your account is created and you’re ready to proceed.
  • Your server (host)name. You can find this in your Websavers account by logging in to our Client Centre, then choosing “Manage” beside your hosting plan. It will look something like:, though the spice/herb will likely be different for your account.


  1. Go to settings > accounts > add account
  2. Choose Email
  3. Enter your email address and password and press next

Incoming/IMAP server settings

  1. Choose IMAP
  2. Ensure the username is set to your full email address
  3. Set the IMAP server field to your server hostname (see above to learn how to find this)
  4. Set security type to TLS and use Port 143 OR Set the security type to SSL and use port 993
  5. Specify the following as the IMAP path prefix: INBOX
  6. Press Next

Outgoing/SMTP server settings

  1. Your server hostname should be prefilled as the server name. If not, please fill it in.
  2. Specify STARTTLS OR TLS as the security type
  3. Use port at 587
  4. Require sign in must be enabled.
  5. Press next.

Additional settings

Configure these settings as you prefer and press next.

That’s it! You should be able to send and receive mail successfully.

Jordan is a computer, security, and network systems expert and a lover of all things web and tech. Jordan consults with project management for software companies. Jordan is a founder and managing partner at Websavers Inc.

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