SiteMigrator Questionnaire

Let's get your migration started. 
Your primary website migration is free with Carbon and Titanium hosting plans! (Excludes quarterly payments). if you need to migrate more sites or add email accounts to migrate, click here.

SiteMigrator Form

Contact Info

Please ensure that either the Primary Account or CC email address is NOT one that we will be transferring. This way, in the event of any problems during the transfer, we can remain in communication throughout.

Website & Email Transfer Info

Select the "development environment" option if you are moving from a proprietary website builder like Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly, where the website cannot be migrated as is.
Must include http:// or https:// at the start.

Former Host Info

These are the login credentials to access your (soon to be former) web hosting company. If you are not sure of these details, please use the hosting company's 'forgot password' process to attempt to reset your login credentials. Once you have confirmed working login credentials, come back here to complete the form. When we have completed the migration, we recommend that you change the passwords for any external accounts that you will be retaining.

If you're coming from Siteground, please see here for the correct values to enter in these fields.
The URL where you login to your web host
The username required to access your web host
SECURITY NOTE: This form is protected by end-to-end encryption, however we strongly recommend changing this password once we have completed the migration.

Email Transfer Info

This information is necessary for us to configure your DNS properly whether you intend to transfer your email hosting to us or not.
The answer to this question will help ensure that we either transfer your emails or guarantee continuity of email service with the existing provider during the transition.

Former Registrar Info

If you wish to have us automatically complete the migration for you, we'll need access to your registrar to update the DNS. If you choose not to provide these details, we'll let you know when the hosting data transfer is completed, and it will be up to you to complete the registrar DNS updates yourself.

It is strongly recommended to let us complete the DNS update, as we will be sure to do so immediately after the data transfer is complete which ensures the quickest and smoothest transfer possible.
Domain registration is left where it is currently registered unless you specify otherwise here. Transfer of your primary domain is FREE with our Titanium hosting plan on 1, 2, or 3 year payment cycles. For other hosting plans, click here to see all domain pricing.
After you submit this form to begin your migration, here's a few things to remember:
  1. Please do not make any changes to your website until the migration is completed, as they may be lost in the midst of the migration.
  2. The migration itself typically only takes an hour or two, however it can take us some time to reach your migration in the queue. It may take up to 48 hours to complete your migration. Migrations are typically only completed Mon-Fri, although exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  3. The free migration included with Carbon and Titanium hosting applies only to one website/web app.
  4. If you wish to transfer more websites or apps that are all hosted in the same hosting plan, please indicate each domain you wish to have transferred in the notes above. If the hosting is in different places, please submit a separate entry for each one.
  5. It is recommended to create a backup / offline archive of all emails you need saved prior to beginning the migration.
  6. Upon completion of the migration, we strongly recommend changing the passwords that you have provided herein.
  7. Please make sure you have access to your Websavers account. Should there be any issues with email during the migration you will always be able to reach us through the Client Centre.