We pride ourselves on being from Halifax and helping to support many of the local businesses in their day to day operations. Today marks the start of @ILOVELOCALHFX‘s weekend-long #opencity event in Halifax, Nova Scotia – a wonderful event. This event is put on by a great group of Community-minded independent businesses that are committed to supporting and strengthening our Community and to making Halifax an exciting and vibrant place to shop, eat and live.

Needless to say, if you are looking for us today we will be roaming around downtown Halifax popping into a variety of local business locations. For a list of what is going on you can check out the I Love Local HFX website.

We also wanted to offer a little something in return in the spirit of supporting the local community. For this weekend, we will be offering 50% off our personal hosting package and domain registration along with our hands on support to help setup a personal blog. If you were thinking of starting a blog or creating your online presence, this weekend is a great time to start.

Just click here to get started with your hosting, domain name, and personal blog setup for only $40 / year for life!

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Adam is a former owner of Websavers Inc. He departed in 2014 to focus his time entirely on blogging and online marketing. Adam currently works for a Clagary and Edmonton based web marketing agency.

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