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How to speed up WordPress

This guide will show you how to take just about any WordPress site to a maximum 1-2 seconds load time. If you’ve selected resources (theme, plugins, etc) that are built from the ground up for speed and your hosting provider is as well, then you can reach fractions of a second load times per page.…

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Enabling custom 403 error docs with nginx in Plesk

Please note that in order to complete these steps you must have admin access to Plesk. While you would think that enabling “Custom Error Docs” under hosting settings in Plesk, then editing the appropriate document under the /error_docs/ folder in your vhost root would do the trick, unfortunately that’s not the case. Those error documents…

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Viewing Your Error Log to Find and Fix Problems

Checking your error_log every once in a while will help to identify problems that you might not even know exist! Since, in production environments, it’s best to hide the warnings and non-severe errors in PHP applications from displaying to your visitors, we hide the error reporting from the screen and push it to the logs…

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