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How to create a new email account or forward in Plesk

email account

The following guide will show you how to create an email account, email address, add a mail address within your Plesk hosting environment. Login to Plesk Choose the “Mail” tab on the left, or click “Email Addresses” under the domain you wish to add an email account / forward for. Choose the “Create Email Address” button…

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How to create or add a mail group in Plesk

Today’s video is on adding or creating a mail group within the Plesk 10 hosting control panel. If you’re used to Plesk 9, creating a mail group in Plesk 10 can be quite a bit different as they have changed a lot of the terminology. Follow along with the video below and let us know…

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How to Publish your iWeb site with FTP

Apple provides a very handy video on exactly how to do this! Just click here to watch it on the Apple website. You can also watch it using YouTube right here: When configuring your publishing location as FTP, fill in the host as and use the FTP username and password as provided in the…

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