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How to prevent fraudulent transactions with WordPress

While most of these guidelines will help you with any eCommerce application, there will be specific mentions for WooCommerce related plugins as it has (arguably) become the standard for eCommerce on WordPress. Fraud and Website Security The first thing to understand about managing fraudulent transactions is that they don’t directly have anything to do with…

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How to set your PayPal IPN URL

There’s plenty of guides out there showing how to do this with the old PayPal interface and it seems they all could use some updating! Here’s how to set your IPN URL, as is commonly requested by cart software like WooCommerce. Login to your PayPal account Click here OR click the cog icon in the upper right…

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WooCommerce shortcodes not showing all products

We love WooCommerce around here, but occasionally we run into a bug that hasn’t yet been merged into the core codebase. We set up a storefront many months ago for Lemon Dogs Tacos and Lemonade wherein they change their stock quite regularly. Because of this changing stock, the WooCommerce core setting to hide out of…

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How to edit the CSS of a woocommerce email template

I was just asked this question by someone who read my other article pertaining to WooCommerce and came up with a couple possible solutions. Here they are, in case you’re wondering the very same thing. Complete Template Adjustment If you need to completely alter the HTML layout of the email, then you’ll need to copy…

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Using WP Approve User Plugin with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the newest and arguably the best E-Commerce solution available for WordPress. If you aren’t considering using it for your next E-Commerce website, you should seriously rethink your E-Commerce strategy. In the process of building a new wholesaler website, there were two key modifications that needed to be completed to WooCommerce in order to…

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