How to transfer your domain registration to Websavers

Already have a domain name registered somewhere else? Not a problem. The following guide will help you to transfer your domain to Websavers!

If you would prefer to leave your domain registered with your current registrar, all you need to do is specify “I already own this domain” during your web hosting order. However, if you would rather experience the benefit of having all of your web services managed in one convenient location, transfer your domain to us too! Here’s how. 

If your registrar does not provide you with any one of these options or you are unsure of how to proceed with this, please get in touch today; we can take care of your domain name transfer and move your website for you! See our SiteMigrator info for more details.

Unlock Your Domain

The first step to transfer your domain is to ensure your domain name isn’t locked; a lock will immediately prevent the domain from being transferred. Please disable any options referring to locking or preventing transfer of the domain. 

If your domain is a .ca, then it is fine if your registrar says it cannot unlock the domain, but be sure to try.

Become the Admin Contact

Look for any information pertaining to the admin contact or, in the case of .ca’s, the registrant for the domain. It’s best to ensure all of the contact details are up to date before you transfer your domain, although the email address is the most important part. After you initiate the transfer process, an email will be sent to the admin (or registrant) contact for the domain that requests approval for the transfer. If you do not have access to this email address then the transfer will not complete successfully.

If your domain is a .ca and you have access to the email address listed for the registrant or admin contact for the domain, do not change the contact information. Changing any of the contact information will lock the domain for 60 days, preventing it from being transferred to Websavers. If you do not have access to the listed email address, you must update the information and wait the 60 days before you can complete the transfer.

Disable Private Registration

Private registrations are great for hiding that you’re the owner of your domain from prying eyes, however it also commonly prevents our transfer authorization emails from reaching you. Unfortunately that makes the transfer impossible. Be sure to disable any privacy options you see with your current registrar before beginning the transfer of your domain registration.

Retrieve Your EPP Transfer Key or Code

When proceeding with your transfer order, you will be asked for a transfer key. Look for an option like: EPP Transfer Key or Code, Authorization Code, Domain Authorization, or anything similar to this. Check our knowledgebase article for specific instructions on retrieving your EPP transfer code from a few of the most common registrars.

Once you have unlocked your domain, set the admin email contact to your address and retrieved the EPP transfer code as described above, your domain will be ready for transfer!

Click here to begin your transfer

Here’s what happens after you begin the transfer

The transfer begins by sending an authorization email to the email address listed in the WHOIS info for the domain. Be sure to check your email and follow the directions within to approve the transfer! We then have to wait for the old registrar to release the domain. They do this in one of three ways:

a) They’ll also send you an email to approve the transfer. This method usually takes 1-24 hours.
b) They’ll provide you with an option in their control panel to approve the transfer. This method takes about 5 minutes.
c) They don’t do either of the above and instead require that you wait 7 days for the transfer to timeout, thus automatically approving it. This method takes 7 days.

If you get option (a) or option (b) the whole process will probably take anywhere from a few hours up to a day to complete. If you’re stuck with option (c) it can be much longer!

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