What is unlimited hosting really all about?

Although we started with our very first hosting plan having unlimited resources, just like our current Titanium shared hosting plan, for many years we were opponents of unlimited hosting. Around 2010 we started advertising our own unlimited bandwidth hosting plan. We did this to ensure our hosting plans would fall into line with our very own slogan: “hosting, made simple.”

Hosting, made simple

One of our goals, if not our most important goal, is to ensure that every service that we offer makes use of the best software available in terms of usability. This includes our hosting control panels (Plesk, Centova) and our very own custom-designed Client Centre. We believe that in order to make things simple for our clients overall, we need to ensure that everything they interact with is as simple to use as possible. In this way, our clients don’t need to constantly ask us for help finding simple things. Beyond simplification of software, we need to ensure that our clients’ websites all run smoothly and that when they don’t, we’re around to get them back on track or provide advice so our clients can get their sites back on track. And this is where unlimited bandwidth hosting just makes sense for our business goals.

Simple includes not being annoyed or frustrated

By ignoring bandwidth usage, we eliminating excess hassle and preventing our clients from constantly having to pay more to keep their site running, simply because they got an extra visitor or two.

Storage Limits

When a hosting account has a storage limit and that limit is approached or exceeded, the client is notified by email, at which point they have the opportunity to clear off some emails or website files or upgrade to the next plan up with more storage. We don’t automatically suspend accounts for overage until weeks after they’ve exceeded it. This ensures nobody’s site is suddenly shut off simply because they uploaded one too many photos to WordPress (for example).

Even better, with our Canadian VPS Hosting options, you can simply login and alter your storage limits at any time with zero downtime!

We can’t offer unlimited storage, and neither can any other provider. Providers that claim to offer this, have some seriously bizarre fine print like this one:

Sites must not use excessive amounts of server resources. These include bandwidth, processor utilization and / or disk space. When a website is found to be monopolizing the resources available [the host] reserves the right to suspend that site immediately.

They’re saying if your site behaves weirdly, or gets a bunch of traffic, or has a plugin that isn’t working right, they could simply turn it off without warning. How does this differ from our own policies? Only in the event of severe server performance degredation do we suspend a site. If your site is using a bunch of resources, we’ll let you know and provide you with tips as to how you can help reduce that usage. If you don’t reduce it within a reasonable timeframe (a few days in most cases, but it all depends upon the severity), then we’ll provide a quote to have it done for you. We work with you whenever we can to help make things work smoothly.

Simply put, we offer unlimited resources in every way that makes hosting easier for everyone. We don’t offer unlimited resources where doing so could wind up hurting you and us: with storage.

Jordan is a computer, security, and network systems expert and a lover of all things web and tech. Jordan consults with project management for software companies. Jordan is a founder and managing partner at Websavers Inc.