Halifax WordPress Dev

Whether your objective is selling products, getting more phone calls or simply promoting your brand, your web design must be both user-friendly and search engine-friendly to be effective online. We're experts at optimizing functionality, conversions, and content. Let us help you get your new website up and running, the right way.

We do web design different from most agencies. Rather than providing multiple designs to select from, we take design cues from your logo, business card, flyer, or a colour scheme of your choice and build an entirely custom one-shot look for your site. This process helps keep costs low, like you see below, and ensure that you have a reliable and secure website, for the long-term.


  • Professional Website Built on WordPress for easy no-code required updates!
  • Fully responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • One-shot design tailored to your brand OR built to spec from provided template. (No Customization)
  • Single Page Scroller with about/services/contact
  • SEO Ready (use SEOPress or Yoast SEO Plugin)
  • eCommerce Ready (use WooCommerce Plugin)
  • Hosting and support for site must be purchased separately.
  • High performance web server engine and basic cache with WP Super Cache**
  • Only available via online order (no telephone or in-person meetings). Beyond initial build, site is DIY.

Corporate Site

  • Professional Website Built on WordPress for easy no-code required updates!
  • Fully responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • Initial design tailored to your brand OR built to spec from provided template. (Unlimited Customization)
  • Up to 20 Pages created*
  • 3 Keyword On-Site SEO
  • eCommerce Integration and configuration of up to 25 Products. Unlimited DIY
  • 1 year Titanium web hosting + Platinum management with FREE SSL
  • High performance caching and web server engine**
  • Getting-started meeting (in-person or by telephone) included***

* Additional pages can easily be added at any time! Ask us for pricing, or to learn how to add pages and content yourself.

** This extremely powerful combination results in WordPress performance on-par with costly niche WordPress hosts, at a fraction of the price.

*** The initial meeting is included. All further communications are to be done by email. This is to ensure clear accountability.

Want to save even more? Premium and Corporate plans receive a 20% discount for online only communications!

If you're in the process of redesigning an old website and your designer has not informed you of the implications on your search rankings, you owe it to yourself to get in touch now. We'll help you change designs with minimal long term impact on your rankings.

Which plan is for me?

SiteMaker is perfect for those who...

  • Need a super simple one-pager website created
  • Don't know how to start a WordPress website, but is happy to add new pages and posts beyond the homepage on their own
  • Don't have the patience to set up the basics, like colours, fonts, headers, footers
  • Already have hosting or know they will need to pay extra for it
  • Don't care exactly how it looks as long as it's professional (there's no customization at this price-point).

Premium is perfect for those who...

  • Need your average 1-5 page professional website
  • Would like an eCommerce website, don't know how to get one started, but is happy to upload their product info themselves
  • Are willing to trust us to design the site to best match your brand (although we will do a single round of final changes from your suggestions), or will pay extra for a designer to customize the design exactly to your specifications.

The Corporate plan is perfect for those who...

  • Have more than 5 pages for their site
  • Require a fully configured eCommerce website with up to 25 products pre-configured and ready to start selling
  • Would like a getting started meeting in-person or by phone
  • Are willing to trust us to design the site to best match your brand with unlimited adjustments to get what you want from it, or will pay more for a designer to customize the design exactly to your specifications.

Why Create Your Site With Us?

We Have A Vested Interest

Since we're hoping you'll want renew your hosting and management services with us, we have a vested interest in seeing your business succeed. We help drive business to your website and will always send referrals your way if we get them. If your business is struggling, we are less likely to be paid, and let’s be honest, we love getting paid.

Increase your audience without increasing your bottom line

Why throw away money endlessly (in USD no less) just for a service where you have to build everything yourself? Get a professional site made specifically for you with bargain basement recurring fees.

SEO Friendly

We provide some of the best search engine optimization tips on the Internet, entirely free! This SEO wisdom mixed with your new website means you’re ready to go with the latest in SEO techniques. No hours of research or coding knowledge required. When you need even better SEO, you know you can trust us to point you in the right direction.

One Point Of Contact

You don’t have to wonder who to call for any question. We are your one point of contact for anything web, email, or online business related. Gone are the days of one service provider blaming another and miscommunications that cost your business time and money. Anything you need is just one email away.

Here When You Need Us

When you get your website designed by a traditional freelancer, there is always a risk that when you need some help six months down the road, they are no where to be found. You don’t have to worry anymore. We've been growing steadily for over 15 years with no sign of stopping. With a track record like that, you can trust that we'll always be here when you need us.

eCommerce Ready

Getting started with eCommerce can be free! We don't up your monthly costs simply because you want to sell an item or two on your site and we don't take a cut of sales, like some of the other guys out there 😉

Development FAQ

Update your content on YOUR schedule

You have the power to alter the content (text, photos, video) on your website whenever you need to. No more waiting for your website developer to change a paragraph around!

Can't find something? No worries! That's what our managed Platinum hosting is for. With all plans except SiteMaker, we'll take care of the change for you and tell you how we did it so you'll know for next time. Best of all, it's completely FREE for your first year!

Managed Secure Hosting – FREE for 1 year with Premium and Corporate

We include your first year of Titanium web hosting and bundle in our Platinum add-on! This means you can leave the WordPress maintenance to us and get approximately 30 minutes every month from our trained technicians. They’ll update your website content for you if you’re too busy to manage it yourself or take care of changes to the code that you are unable to complete.

Your new website is built on our rock-solid turbo-charged web hosting service. We take care of the technical stuff, like super fast web server software nginx/php-fpm, configuring our adaptive firewall, and setting up automatic updates to ensure a malware-free website and the best possible performance.

Even better, your primary domain registration (or transfer) is included completely free of charge alongside your Titanium hosting plan. Keep on hosting and your domain remains free!

Renews at $120 / year for hosting and $399 / year (optional) for Platinum website management at the beginning of the second year. If you change or cancel Titanium hosting, maintaining your domain registration is just $20 / year, but this will not include your website.

Unlimited customizability

Thanks to the power of WordPress, literally ANYTHING is possible with your website. whether you opt to play around with plugins yourself on a SiteMaker plan, or ask us to do it for you with Platinum management, your site will be ready to do just about anything you can imagine. And best of all? It's often free!

Can I sell my products on my website without paying for your e-commerce add-on?

Yes! With the powerful and free WooCommerce plugin, you can set up products and manage sales directly on your website. 

WooCommerce integration is included with all plans except SiteMaker. We'll ensure all WooCommerce functions are integrated beautifully with your site design, set up shipping, taxes, and your first product to ensure everything works smoothly. Sales and client data are all captured on-site -- no need to send your visitors elsewhere simply to process a transaction.

WooCommerce also manages product stock, shipping calculations to multiple destinations with variable pricing, provincial tax rates, product variations, coupons, and tons more. Even better, we've been working with WooCommerce since its first launch in 2011 -- that means we've got the experience to recommend the best extensions and custom develop any functionality you can dream up. Ask us about WooCommerce today!

What do I need to provide to get my website up and running?

The most common content we require to get your website online is for the following items:

  1. Your business name, tagline, and distinction (how you differ from your competitors)
  2. About you
  3. Staff bio and photos
  4. Product or service descriptions, pricing, how to buy, etc.
  5. Contact info
  6. A portfolio (if in an industry where this is valuable)
  7. Testimonials / reviews
  8. A few starting articles discussing hot topics within your industry

To send us this content, head to our new website content questionnaire!

If you are unable to make the content to fill out your website, consider taking advantage of our partners' freelance copy writing services. Our copy writing and PR experts will interview you and get to work formatting everything to fit perfectly with your new website.
Do I have access to make changes to my account?

Indeed you do. Self-service hosting is the industry we originally started in over ten years ago. This means you get access to the Websavers client centre for administering your account. What can you do with the client centre?

  • Register a new domain or update your domain registration details
  • Manage your affiliate account so that you make money off every person you refer
  • Login directly to your Plesk hosting panel to add or remove email addresses, set up a subdomain, secure a directory and tons more!
  • View and update your support tickets – very handy if you ever run into problems with your email
  • Order new add-ons for your website, like our e-commerce integration, social media management and more!
  • Update your credit card details or input a new credit card for automatic billing
  • Change your contact information
  • Much more!
Login to your account to explore the many options available to you.
How can you make any profit with such a cheap plan?

Yes, it's true! Our SiteMaker plan is super cheap. And even our higher end web design plans are at least half the price of other reputable design firms in Halifax.

To help answer how we can do this, here's some background:

We’ve encountered way too many people who, after shelling out thousands of dollars for their website, became angry, frustrated or completely fed up with their service provider. Most of the time it’s been due to a lack of communication alongside a lack of performance — their provider either didn’t talk to them or they didn’t deliver on their promises (or both). Either the website never gets completed or it’s completed but isn’t available for updates at a reasonable price.

Since we were originally purely a web hosting provider, our incoming clients were telling us about these kinds of experiences with other companies on a weekly basis. We decided to do something about it!

We strongly believe in long-term relationships with our customers, and we think there’s no better way to ensure a great relationship than by having a give-and-take situation. Rather than asking you to pay 10k+, we offer more approachable rates for high quality websites.

Our web design pricing can be so cheap because when you're happy with your site, you'll surely continue hosting the website with us. This way we’re held responsible with keeping you happy, otherwise you have the option of simply cancelling your hosting plan and halting payment, which doesn’t benefit us at all.

With some of our website creations, we actually lose money or pull even at the outset, but we think you’ll place as much value in having us there for you as we do in having you as our customer. Isn’t that what business should be all about?

What happens if I cancel hosting?

Here is a description of what happens if you cancel hosting and/or Platinum management:

Upon cancelation of Hosting:

  1. You may continue hosting the site until the end of the pre-paid hosting period, although you’re welcome to suspend your website from within our control panel if you really want it taken down immediately. 
  2. If your domain has not expired, then you will have access from within our Client Centre to either renew it at the standard rate of $20 / year or transfer it elsewhere if you wish (transfer codes are available to you at any time within our Client Centre without contacting us). You may also let the domain expire.
  3. If you wish to keep a copy of your website, then you must download a copy of all relevant information before your website is terminated. We provide multiple website backup tools to help with this. After it is terminated we may not be able to recover your site from backup and thusly we are not responsible for the data. If you wish to manually back up your data, rather than use the provided utilities, you can access all files via Plesk File Manager or FTP/SFTP and the database via phpMyAdmin within Plesk at any time within the period of your subscription.
  4. Your email accounts will stop working. If your email is hosted with us and you’re using IMAP for synchronized mail, you must be sure to download a copy of all messages via POP before submitting for cancelation.

Upon cancelation of Platinum Management all software licenses (whose licensing terms require a maintenance service) are revoked.

When we build your website, we make use of cutting edge software components for WordPress which help ensure your site is easy to maintain long-term. As long as you continue your Platinum management subscription, we'll continue to provide you with our software licenses.

Should you cancel the Platinum website management subscription, and these licenses be revoked, no part of your site will be directly disabled by this action andyour site should continue to work well as it was/is for many months, possibly even years.

Why do you require the licenses then? The license is necessary to obtain updates to the software. As the WordPress core continues to be updated, these commercial plugins and themes that make up parts of your site will likely become incompatible with WordPress core over time. It could be 6 months and it could be years before that happens. (Example: we've seen many sites running on 2 year old versions of BeaverBuilder. We don't recommend it, but it can be possible)

We absolutely love our chosen software vendors and so, should you cancel Platinum management and wish to continue to receive updates to the software components, we encourage you to purchase a single-site license directly from them. All software that we use to build WordPress sites can be found in our Recommended Resources.

Websavers Inc will take complete responsibility for any problems with updates and licensing while your Platinum subscription remains active with us. Websavers is not liable for the software, licenses, updates or any problems caused by the upgrades of the software after your Platinum subscription lapses.

How to Cancel: details on canceling your account can be found within our knowledgebase here.

Do I need a designer?

That's up to you! All of the above WordPress development plans include our one-shot design tailored to your brand. This has the advantage of resulting in a design that closely matches your brand (ie: no partly-matching templates) while also keeping your costs down.

But, you don't get that traditional design process where you work with a designer to get exactly the look you want before the site is built.

Should you want that more traditional design process, you can either hire a designer to create the design specs, or we can pair you with a designer to create them. Then we'll build the specs into a fully functionality and performance (and search) optimized website.

The Development Process

1. Connect & Learn

Fill out our online questionnaire to send over all the key information we will require to begin filling out your website with content. This will include text and images. Click here to take a look at or fill out the form.

2. Sign Up

Create your account and we'll set up your hosting and 50% deposit invoice. This will allow us to register your domain name and SSL certificate if applicable and begin the design and development process.

3. Development

The development process begins. We start with a blank canvas and build the design using your photos, text videos and logo. We work with the content and optional design spec to ensure the design of your new site best matches your brand.

4. Final Touches

We send off the completed website and request your final edits prior to going live.

5. Launch Your New Site

When all supplied content is inserted in the site and all looks good, we make your website visible to the world and ensure your email addresses are functioning as they should be.

6. Updates & Edits

We include 1 year of managed support in all web design plans except SiteMaker. Need to make a change to the text, image, or basic styling of your site? No worries! Send 'em on over and we'll take care of it!

Let us help build your new site!