Halifax WordPress Design & Development

Whether your objective is selling products, getting more phone calls or simply promoting your brand, your web design must be both user-friendly and search engine-friendly to be effective online. We're experts at optimizing functionality, conversions, and content. Let us help you get your new website up and running, the right way.

We build websites differently from most agencies. Rather than providing one or more custom designs or pre-built templates for approval, we eliminate both the 4-6 week design phase and the often poorly coded templates by merging the design & building phases, creating an entirely custom one-shot look for your site. This process helps keep costs low and ensures that you have a reliable and secure website, for the long-term.


  • Professional Website Built on WordPress for easy no-code required updates!
  • Fully responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • One-shot design tailored to your brand OR built to spec from provided template. (No Customization)
  • Single Page Scroller with about/services/contact
  • SEO Ready (use SEOPress or Yoast SEO Plugin)
  • eCommerce Ready (use WooCommerce Plugin)
  • Hosting and support for site must be purchased separately.
  • High performance web server engine and basic cache with WP Super Cache**
  • Only available via online order (no telephone or in-person meetings). Beyond initial build, site is DIY.

Corporate Site

  • Professional Website Built on WordPress for easy no-code required updates!
  • Fully responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • Initial design tailored to your brand OR built to spec from provided template. (Unlimited Customization)
  • Up to 20 Pages created*
  • 3 Keyword On-Site SEO
  • eCommerce Integration and configuration of up to 25 Products. Unlimited DIY
  • 1 year Titanium web hosting + Hands-On Support with FREE SSL
  • High performance caching and web server engine**
  • Getting-started meeting (in-person or by telephone) included***

* Additional pages can easily be added at any time! Ask us for pricing, or to learn how to add pages and content yourself.

** This extremely powerful combination results in WordPress performance on-par with costly niche WordPress hosts, at a fraction of the price.

*** The initial meeting is included. All further communications are to be done by email. This is to ensure clear accountability.

Want to save even more? Premium and Corporate plans receive a 20% discount for online only communications!

If you're in the process of redesigning an old website and your designer has not informed you of the implications on your search rankings, you owe it to yourself to get in touch now. We'll help you change designs with minimal long term impact on your rankings.

Which plan is for me?

All of the above plans follow our one-shot design process, which both helps ensure reliability for your site long-term, and cuts down on costs. This does come with a drawback: you do not get approval over the design before we build the site and when the site is done the quantity of design changes we make are limited (or none, in the case of SiteMaker). Major structural changes and/or re-designs will not be included in the price.

You must be willing to trust us to design the site to best match your brand. The design elements of every site we build are based on one or more of the following items: your branding guidelines document; your logo and/or flyer; samples of similar sites that you like.

If you require input into the final designs, then you will need to begin by hiring a professional website designer to create complete page-by-page design specs. Once they have been completed, you can send them to us to use to build the site exactly as you want it.

Premium is perfect for those who...

  • Need a 1-5 page professional website
  • Would like an eCommerce website, don't know how to get one started, but is happy to upload their product info themselves
  • Are OK with a single round of basic changes after our initial draft is delivered.

The Corporate plan is perfect for those who...

  • Have more than 5 pages for their site
  • Require a fully configured eCommerce website with up to 25 products pre-configured and ready to start selling
  • Would like a getting started meeting in-person or by phone
  • Require more than 1 round of changes after our initial draft is delivered (max 3).

SiteMaker is perfect for those who...

  • Need a super simple one-pager website created
  • Don't know how to start a WordPress website, but is happy to add new pages and posts beyond the homepage on their own
  • Don't have the patience to set up the basics, like colours, fonts, headers, footers
  • Already have hosting or know they will need to pay extra for it
  • Don't care exactly how it looks as long as it's professional (there's no post-build customization with SiteMaker).

Why Create Your Site With Us?

We Have A Vested Interest

Since we're hoping you'll want renew your hosting and management services with us, we have a vested interest in seeing your business succeed. We help drive business to your website and will always send referrals your way if we get them. If your business is struggling, we are less likely to be paid, and let’s be honest, we love getting paid.

Increase your audience without increasing your bottom line

Why throw away money endlessly (in USD no less) just for a service where you have to build everything yourself? Get a professional site made specifically for you with bargain basement recurring fees.

SEO Friendly

We provide some of the best search engine optimization tips on the Internet, entirely free! This SEO wisdom mixed with your new website means you’re ready to go with the latest in SEO techniques. No hours of research or coding knowledge required. When you need even better SEO, you know you can trust us to point you in the right direction.

One Point Of Contact

You don’t have to wonder who to call for any question. We are your one point of contact for anything web, email, or online business related. Gone are the days of one service provider blaming another and miscommunications that cost your business time and money. Anything you need is just one email away.

Here When You Need Us

When you get your website designed by a traditional freelancer, there is always a risk that when you need some help six months down the road, they are no where to be found. You don’t have to worry anymore. We've been growing steadily for over 15 years with no sign of stopping. With a track record like that, you can trust that we'll always be here when you need us.

eCommerce Ready

Getting started with eCommerce can be free! We don't up your monthly costs simply because you want to sell an item or two on your site and we don't take a cut of sales, like some of the other guys out there 😉

Website Development FAQ

The WordPress Development Process

1. Obtain Content

If you already have a website, we can take your content from there for your new build. If you don't, you can either write the content using your favourite word processor, or fill out our online questionnaire. This will include text and images. Click here to take a look at or fill out the form.

2. Sign Up

Create your account and we'll set up your hosting and 50% deposit invoice. This will allow us to register your domain name and SSL certificate if applicable and begin the design and development process.

3. Development

The development process begins. We start with a blank canvas and build the design using your photos, text videos and logo. We work with the content and optional design spec to ensure the design of your new site best matches your brand.

4. Design Changes & Bugs

We send off the completed website and request your final edits prior to going live. With SiteMaker this refers strictly to repairing any bugs. With the other plans this stage includes minor design changes as well.

5. Launch Your New Site

Once all provided content has been utilized on the site we make your website visible to the world and ensure any locally hosted email addresses are functioning properly.

6. Updates & Edits

We include 1 year of managed support in all web design plans except SiteMaker. Need to make a change to the text, image, or basic styling of your site? No worries! Send 'em on over and we'll take care of it!

Content & Design Tips: all content and optional design specs (should you choose to contract a designer) must be finalized and provided before we begin. No changes are to be made to designs or content until stage 6.

Let us help build your new site!