Have our team assess your website by completing a comprehensive SEO Audit.

Fill out the FREE SEO Audit form below with as much information as possible and we’ll take a look over your homepage and one key landing page to determine the best techniques to apply.

We’ll start with an on-site diagnostic, examining tags, structure, and content, then look at your off-site seo link profile, and make recommendations on how best to proceed.

Unlike many of our competitors, this audit is not automated! Our SEO experts compile the most pertinent data to help rank your website higher into a comprehensive report so you know what needs to be done next.

This FREE SEO audit includes:

  • A basic keyword analysis report for at most 3-4 search phrases
  • A domain-wide report that includes ranking factors like domain authority, duplicate content, social media, robots, and backlinks
  • A landing-page specific report that includes ranking factors like page authority, page speed, tags, code to text ratio, and internal and broken links.

TIP: If you want to learn more about SEO, take a look at our comprehensive guide to SEO. We recommend at least reading the intro to better understand what is considered SEO and what is Search Advertising or SEM, as they are easy to mix up and there’s a lot of misinformation frequently provided by SEO scammers and companies that simply don’t know enough about how it all works.

It’s important to note that we rarely do SEO repairs. If you hired a company that got your website banned from Google or other search engines or have engaged in black hat tactics, we might be able to help, but it’ll likely be costly and take time.

You must supply sufficient qualifying information for us to complete the free audit. If you fail to supply accurate info, we’ll decline to complete the report, so please ensure you fill out all fields as accurately and as complete as you can.

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