What are my email hosting options?

Although we started with just basic IMAP/POP mail hosting, to better meet the needs of our customers, we’ve added a few options in the past few years. We’ll also be providing a few additional options that we don’t host.

1. Websavers Shared Hosting

Starts at $0 for our Helium hosting plan (requires domain purchase).

2. Websavers Premium Mail

Starts at $3 / mo for 5GB storage, scalable up to 100GB.

  • This is our very own Canadian soil Premium Mail hosting solution.
  • Its storage is dedicated to email usage for all mail users and can be divided up however you  prefer.
  • It includes IMAP/POP/SMTP support plus Microsoft ActiveSync for full syncing of contacts and calendars and complete Outlook integration. (Does not support older Outlook software).
  • You can scale up your storage whenever you need to add more.

3. Websavers Exchange Mail

$10 / mailbox / month

  • Very similar to our premium mail hosting solution, but runs on Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • Includes 30GB of storage for each mailbox.
  • Ask us for more information about Microsoft Exchange hosted email.

4. Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium

$16 / mailbox / month

  • Includes full Exchange service for complete contacts and calendar sync
  • 50GB of mail storage for each mail user
  • Includes access to the entire Office suite
  • More info here.

5. G Suite by Google Cloud

$5 (USD) / mailbox / month

  • Includes complete email, contacts, and calendar sync via Gmail interface, but using your domain for email addresses
  • 30GB of mail storage for each mail user
  • More info here.

Jordan is a computer, security, and network systems expert and a lover of all things web and tech. Jordan consults with project management for software companies. Jordan is a founder and managing partner at Websavers Inc.

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