Why choose WordPress to build your website?


In our more than 15 years of web hosting, we’ve encountered just about every content management system out there, from Mambo to Joomla, WordPress to Drupal, ModX to Magento. We’ve worked with them all!

During each project we determine the best tools for the job based on the needs and wants of the client and, wherever possible, we leverage the best free and open-source tools and technology.

Why do we use and recommend WordPress? Here’s 4 reasons why we use and recommend WordPress:

Open Source Dev Love

By using open source software, we indicate to open source developers (who are often unpaid for that work) that their work is worth it. When their software is being used to power hundreds if not thousands of websites, that’s frequently all (or most) of the gratitude they need. You could also consider donating a few bucks, like we frequently do.


WordPress core and its developer community offer extensive hooks, allowing the ability to customize heavily without jeopardizing upgrade-ability. If we need to modify any plugins or theme code to work best for our project, we can dive right in and use hooks, or fork the project and contribute our changes upstream, thus helping to provide better software for everyone.

Cost Savings For You

It’s free! That means we can pass on the savings to our customers. We are changing the way web development is done and a big part of that is keeping your costs to a minimum. Using free software whenever possible allows us to continue bringing you excellent online business solutions at low costs.

Community, open development, and great support

Most open-source and free software, including the WordPress Project have a huge following and community backing. This means quicker updates to fix bugs and enhance the software with new features and access to individuals with a high level of knowledge and experience working with these tools.

But, WordPress isn’t for everyone…

If what you want is a Microsoft Word-like website building experience, WordPress isn’t for you. It isn’t designed to jump in and have a complete website in thirty seconds.

WordPress is designed to be a powerful and extensible website building platform that helps ensure the websites that are created with it are built the right way from all perspectives: Designers, Developers, and SEO Experts alike.

If what you want is a quick thrown together site, look elsewhere. If what you want is a website platform that will grow with your needs, WordPress is it.

But it’s more than likely for you

If you’ve got a tight budget but still want powerful integration tools (like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, eCommerce, Google Analytics and more) then WordPress is the perfect fit for you!

Similarly, if you want to be able to easily update your site yourself with pictures, news, articles, hours, and other little content updates, but not get into the nitty-gritty of coding, designing or building everything yourself, then WordPress is definitely for you!

Ready to build your own web site the right way?

Check out our complete guide! It’ll walk you through everything from installing and configuring WordPress to selecting the best tools for the job.

Want us to build your site for you?

We’ve got some great options for all commitment levels. Just need a hand getting started? No problem: SiteMaker is for you. Want the whole thing done for you? We can do that too!

This article was originally written in August 2011, but was updated in August 2019.

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