how to use wordpress smtp

How to use SMTP with WordPress

We’re going to answer a few questions around configuring SMTP for WordPress including: What is SMTP and how does it apply to WordPress? SMTP (simple mail transport protocol) is the method that email servers use to talk to each other in order to relay messages from one server to the other. If you’re sending a…

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htop load processes server ssh shell 3

How to troubleshoot high load on a server or VPS

This guide is for anyone with their own VPS or dedicated server that is experiencing high load and would like to find the cause. It’s got tips that apply generally, as well as some that apply specifically to servers running Plesk Panel on an AlmaLinux OS or other RHEL equivalent like Rocky. If you’re not…

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website is down

Top 5 troubleshooting steps when your website is down

This article will help you resolve website outages of all types, walking you through the entire website hosting stack/process from domain registration to web server issues. 1. Check to be sure it’s not just you A common tool to determine if it’s just you experiencing the outage is Enter your website URL there to…

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web site development

How to fix issues with WordPress page builders like Elementor, BeaverBuilder or Divi.

This guide will help you repair common problems while using a WordPress page builder, such as problems saving / publishing your page or visual glitches while editing a page. Common visual glitches are: elements appearing in odd locations on the page, elements jumping around the page unexpectedly, ‘ghost’ elements appearing that are not editable, or…

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thin line flat design of email marketing

Email Marketing: The Why, The How, and More

Every time a new media tool comes out, or new social media system goes viral, the marketing world is rocked by cries of “email is dead!” If this were true, we wouldn’t all have an email address, and we wouldn’t sign up for all of these services with our email addresses, and… honestly, the world wouldn’t be…

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plesk with external mail services

How to use External Mail Services with Plesk, like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365

This guide covers configuring your domain to work with external mail services like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or Zoho Mail. It will work for all other external mail providers as well. Tips before proceeding: Please do not ask us for support with this setup. It’s up to your external mail provider to help switch you…

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How to Edit WooCommerce Email Templates

WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform that offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing your online store. One question we’re asked fairly frequently is how to modify the email templates that are sent to customers when they make a purchase. In this article, we’ll explore the two options for editing WooCommerce email…

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Woocommerce vs Shopify

Shopify vs WooCommerce – Which is right for you?

E-commerce platforms are essential for online businesses, enabling them to sell their products and services with ease. Shopify and WooCommerce have become go-to options for many business owners. Which one is better and why? That’s what we’re going to attempt to unravel in today’s post.  Shopify is a hosted e-commerce platform that attempts to provide…

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laptop computer displaying logo of woocommerce

How to use WooCommerce to sell videos

There’s two ways to accomplish this: the free method that uses stock WooCommerce functionality, and the paid method that uses a paid WooCommerce Extension. Selling videos using free WooCommerce functionality You could indeed use a WooCommerce Virtual + Downloadable Product (stock functionality) for this, but it comes with a few drawbacks. It provides the option…

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wordpress abstract graphic

How to edit a WordPress username

By default, WordPress does not allow usernames to be updated, however with self-hosted and open source utilities like WordPress, there is always a way to overcome these kinds of limitations. This guide will show you how to edit the WordPress username. You can also edit the settings in this plugin to send a notification whenever…

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web design content creative website responsive concept

5 web design tips for non-designers

Alongside the numerous web design firms, there’s also plenty of web developers out there that love building websites, but who are not officially trained in web design principles. If you’re one of those people, this list of tips for non-designers – those who are not formally trained in either web design or general design principles…

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Domain Name System

Is premium DNS worth the cost?

Premium DNS is another one of those buzzwords like “cloud hosting” that isn’t exactly a clearly defined service across all providers. However across all those that provide a premium DNS services there’s a few qualities that are fairly consistent: Premium DNS is, in many ways, simply another way of saying a third-party cloud-based DNS system.…

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how to convert elementor to beaverbuilder

How to convert an Elementor site to BeaverBuilder

This guide will show you the steps necessary to convert an Elementor site to BeaverBuilder. The same steps can be used to convert from other page builders, like WPBakery, Divi Builder, or Brizy. Simply replace the term Elementor in this guide with whatever your site is currently using for a page builder. Why would you…

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social network concept

How to change the owner on your account

This guide will show you how to change the Owner for your Websavers account. If you’re looking to create a new user for your account see our guide here. Note: you must be the Owner of the account to make this change. If you are unable to login as the Owner User, please see our…

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How to make your WordPress staging site live

This guide will show you how to make the changes on your staging or development environment live. We’ll be referring to a WordPress site in this guide, however the same steps can be followed for any web app in our 1-click utility. Tip: If you haven’t already created your staging or development site, you probably…

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black friday white brick wall black balloons

Black Friday 2021 Round Up

It’s that time of year again; everyone and their dog, and the dog’s favourite e-commerce companies, are trying to get you to spend your hard-earned money on their products. The world of WordPress development is no different, so we’ve decided to do something a bit different this year and collect some of our favourite deals…

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