How to change your email password using Plesk

There’s two ways to have an email password changed: by logging in as the owner of the hosting account, or by logging in as the email account user. Details on how to login as a mail user can be found in our article on how to log in to Plesk in step (1) below.

Complete the following steps to change your mail password.

  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Choose “Mail” and, if prompted, choose the appropriate domain
  3. Select the email address for which you wish to change the password from the list
  4. Either enter your preferred password or choose Generate to have Plesk create a new one for you. Be sure to make note of the new password.
  5. Choose OK to save your settings.

Your email password is now changed. To verify that the change was successful please log in to our Secure Webmail with the new password. If you’re unable to login to webmail, please complete the steps above again, but try a different password, then attempt logging in to webmail once again.

If you have any mail apps (including web apps like Gmail or configured to connect to your mail account with Websavers, you will now need to update each app with the new password. Failure to update your password to the new one on all apps within 1 hour will get your IP automatically banned for 30 minutes by our firewall due to failed login attempts. Continuing to leave the old password in place on any mail app will result in a permanent ban when you reach 5 temporary bans. We strongly recommend updating the apps with your password now.

Problem: I do not see the option to specify a new password

This situation only occurs when your Plesk 10/11 account was created using the same email address as the one for which you’re attemtping to change the password. Plesk was trying to be helpful and set up the email address for you automatically when your Plesk account was created. It did so using your master Plesk account password and now your Pesk account and the email address are directly linked as the same account. This means that when you go to change the email password, the option isn’t there — you have to do it under the master profile account.

While you could change your master profile password, this is not recommended as it will unlink the automatic login feature of our Client Centre from Plesk since the Client Centre will not be informed of the new password. The better solution is to unlink the email address from your Plesk account. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Users tab, then click on the name of the user with the email address for which you’re attempting to change the password
  2. Choose “Change Settings”
  3. Under “Email address” change the option from “Create an email address under your account” to “Use an external email address”. You will be required to enter in an email address which is not hosted within your Plesk account (such as a Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft email address). We recommend using the same email address you used to create your Websavers account — this should also be an external email address.
  4. Press the OK button

You have now unlinked your Plesk account from the email account so you should be able to successfully follow the directions above and see the password field available at step 4.

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